Supercharged Entertainment

On June 13th a new entertainment venue opened its doors: the Supercharged Entertainment Venue, located in Wrentham Massachusetts. This amazing »one-stop« experience features all sorts of activities such as Ninja Wipeout Arena and Gaming Lounge. But at the heart of the entertainment lies the anchor attraction – our spectacular Go-Kart Two-Track Multi-Level System. And we are more than glad to present to you: The Largest Indoor Multi-Level Go-Kart Track in the World!

  • Location Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed June 2019

About the track

The visitor experience is one of a kind. It enhances even more when walking through other attractions in the building. When finally arriving on the mezzanine with a stunning view on the state of the art tracks system the WOW effect kicks in. The two tracks combined forge an amazing Supertrack with a length of more than 2445 linear feet (745m). This venue is now dominant in the territory of Boston and Providence with an anchor attraction such as karting. A high entry-level barrier has now been established for any competitors and the ultimate driving experience offers the visitors a high entertainment value and keeps them coming back.

Technical track data

Track length: 2445 ft
Ground floor length: 939 ft
Multi-level Track length: 1506 ft