Upgrade: R1 Indoor Karting

  • Location Rhode Island, USA
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed December 2023

About the track

R1 Indoor Karting is a family entertainment center located in Rhode Island that offers a world-class multi-level go-karting track, providing an unparalleled racing experience for all ages, from families to professional racing enthusiasts. The track is designed using state-of-the-art technology and is equipped with safety features that ensure an exhilarating yet safe ride for all racers. The first track here was built in 2017, which has served for millions of racing circles. In December 2023, the 360 Karting team upgraded their track in a record-breaking time of just nine days, setting a new milestone in the industry. The quick installation has helped minimize downtime for the owner and has ensured that visitors can enjoy the facility without any delays or inconvenience. Apart from go-karting, R1 Indoor Karting also boasts various other exciting activities to keep visitors entertained, such as Timemission, Axe Bar, Dart City, and arcade games. The walls of the center are adorned with beautiful paintings by skilled French artist Antonipaints, showcasing a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark skyline.

Technical track data

Track length: 509 m (1 670 ft)
Ground floor existing: 293 sq m (961 sq ft)
Ground floor new: 34 m (111 ft)
Multi-level existing: 26 m (85 ft)
Multi-level new: 156 m (512 ft)
Estimated time lap: 41 s/lap
Track capacity: up to 28 go-karts/session