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3–6 years

  • Kids friendly track design
  • No driving skills required
  • Kids go-karts with the easy steering system


6+ years

  • Smooth track design
  • For the largest customer group
  • Single and double sitters with adjustable speed


16+ years

  • Maximized track complexity
  • For racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers
  • High-performance go-karts for speed up
    to 35 mph (56 kmph)

Kids Track

First multi-level
go-kart attraction
for kids

Make karting a safe and enjoyable experience for the youngest with our specially designed multi-level go-kart track for kids.

Specially designed spiral ramp for kids ensures high adrenaline also for the first-time drivers.

  • IDEAL for kid’s birthday party business model
  • A perfect complement to family entertainment centers, existing go-kart track locations, shopping malls, or other entertainment venues
  • Safe environment – no previous karting experiences required
  • Barrier system with controlled absorption ensures 100 % safety
  • Especially designed go-karts for kids with incredibly easy steering


  • Target audience3 – 6 years
  • Track Area3,500–4,500 sq. ft (325–400 m2)
  • Track Length150–200 lin ft (45–65 m)
  • Min. required Height10 lin ft (3,2 m)
  • Session Time4–5 min
  • Hourly Capacity72–104 go-karts/h
  • Go-kart Fleet size9–13 go-karts
  • Avg. Occupancy rate35%

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Fun Track

Fun indoor activity for
the whole family

The right mix of relaxing turns and multi-level sections creates fun not just for juniors, but teens and adults too.

Smooth track layout requires less track marshal interventions, fewer ride interruptions, and enables the right level of driving engagement without being too hard for the average customer.

  • IDEAL for kid’s birthday party business model
  • Perfect for integration with other complementary attractions such as trampolines, soft playgrounds, ninja course, rope course, bumper cars, VR, etc.
  • Clean, zero-emission and safe environment
  • Barrier system with controlled absorption ensures 100 % safety
  • Non-drivers will enjoy the visual experience of the track with elevated
    on-track platforms

TECHNICAL characteristics

  • Target audience6–45 years
  • Track Area12,000–18,000 sq. ft (1100–1700 m2)
  • Track Length600–950 ft (180–300 m)
  • Min. required Height16 ft (5 m)
  • Session Time6–7 min
  • Hourly Capacity114–120 go-karts/h
  • Go-kart Fleet size14–24 go-karts
  • Avg. Occupancy rate40%

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Thrill Track

Designed for racing enthusiasts
and thrill-seekers

Our unique organically shaped multi-level track system is turning karting experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Track layout with a wide range of challenging turns and countless elevation changes up to 3 levels creates adrenaline rush for professional racers, half-professionals, or even less skilled drivers that keep coming back.

  • Ideal for adult groups and corporate events
  • Perfect for integration with other complementary attractions, such as laser tag, axe throwing, etc.
  • Maximized driving experience and track complexity with a wide range of challenging turns and countless elevation changes up to 3 levels
  • Barrier system with controlled absorption ensures 100 % safety

TECHNICAL characteristics

  • Target audience16–70 years
  • Track Area18,000–26,000 sq. ft (1700–2400 m2)
  • Track Length1000–1500 lin. ft (300–450 m)
  • Min. required Height16–24 lin. ft (5–7 m)
  • Session Time6–8 min
  • Hourly Capacity127–133 go-karts/h
  • Go-kart Fleet size28–34 go-karts
  • Avg. Occupancy rate45%

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How to make ananchor attractioneven greater

The integration of all three track types brings the best karting experience for everyone in one place.

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This San Antonio location, with its phenomenal state of the art multi-level track is going to be the first of its kind for this great state and will no doubt set records for the Andretti name again for the best, most thrilling entertainment experience in our guests’ minds.Mario Andretti, The racing legend and F1 Champion


I am blown away by the product. It doubles the impression!Bill Diamond - Track owner, Grand Prix New York


To put it simply, I was blown away. It had my heart pumping after only a few laps because the high level of intensity and focus it requires at higher speeds. So much fun! You all did an amazing job from start to finish. I can't wait to see the reaction of our customers when we finally open and they try it for the first time.Brandon Johnson - General Manager, Speeders Racing


The track is absolutely perfect, customers and employees simply love it, the layout is exactly what it needs to be for both experienced and unexperienced drivers. Also the building process was a bliss, 360K kept their promise, was always on time and even ahead of time, incredible hard and skilled workers and communication was always quick and effective.Arjen Grotenhuis - Track owner, Kobalt Zwolle


The decision to choose karting was easier once we realized we can work with 360 Karting. When you combine the top dogs, who build the best tracks, and our team, who opened one of the best trampoline parks in Europe, I’m sure a very interesting story is ahead of us.Samo Habič - Track owner, WOOP! Karting Ljubljana


360 Karting team is doing a fabulous job – great guys! The installation team was fabulous and have been on top of everything all along! Davor’s calm head and Mario’s smiling demeanor are keeping all the labor on track too. Thank you for all your hard work.Lakshman R. Paidi - The owner of Urban Air Orange


This track is the big draw. It’s our crown jewel.Travis Wright - The owner of Urban Air Appleton


We are immensely proud of the collaboration that has linked us with 360 Karting for the past eight years and we have been able to grow together with the great innovations that are presented to us from year to year! Our customers greatly appreciate the aesthetics of the structure and safety.Matteo Zanettin - Manager, VKI Vicenza, Italy

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