Neo Game Oasis Chip Mong

  • Location Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed July 2023

About the track

The Chip Mong Group, a Cambodian conglomerate, has introduced the first indoor karting track to the Southeast Asian region. Our innovative multi-level track is situated within a shopping mall in Phnom Penh and occupies only 946 square meters. In light of declining foot traffic in shopping malls, the goal was to differentiate the mall and increase footfall by providing an exciting new attraction. The 360K team and a renowned architect have collaborated to seamlessly integrate the track with the rest of the center. Adorned with diverse colored sections and embellishments, the track enhances the ambiance of the area. To top it off, the Speed+ turn seamlessly connects the multi-level track with the ground floor, making every driver feel like a pro. Despite its limited space, the track has a minimal ground floor, which actually enhances the driving experience. Thanks to cutting-edge Speed+ technology, every driver, regardless of skill level, can feel like a pro behind the wheel. We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural project in Cambodia, featuring cutting-edge technology,

Technical track data

Available area: 946 sq m (10 183 sq ft)
Track length: 232 m (761 ft)
Ground floor length: 37 m (121 ft)
Multi-level track length: 195 m (640 ft)
Estimated lap time: 20 s/lap
Track capacity: up to 12 go-karts per session