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Additional Attractions

More than a karting track.

Involve non-drivers into the indoor go-kart track
and enable them to get a full visual experience.

On-TrackVisitor’s Areas

On-track visitors’ areas are an effective way to
increase the floor space and to incorporate other
revenue streams to the track. Visitors will enjoy a
splendid view of the track and added complementary

On-track visitors’ areas can be added to Fun or Thrill track
and they include Ground floor islands and Elevated on-track

Group 3055

Get additional floor space

Group 3055

Add other revenue streams

Group 3055

Get higher social media exposure


ON-track visitors' areascan be used for:

  • Food and beverage
  • Complementary attractions (VR, Arcades, Laser tag, etc.)
  • Birthday party rooms
  • Corporate or special event rooms
  • Kid’s and parent’s areas
  • VIP sections

Variations of organically shaped and integrated on-track areas:



WHEN lighting is the star of the show, the attraction is even greater.

With our eye-catching integrated lighting, you will create buzz on your go-kart track, traffic will increase, and visitors will come to enjoy a fun and unforgettable experience.

Group 3205

Improved visibility and safety

Group 3205

Enhanced sensation of speed

Group 3205

Easy way to completely change the atmosphere

Group 3205

Potential to go viral

LED Features

360 Karting has designed and manufactured
programmable led illumination, specialized for the karting entertainment business.

LED Top Tube on Railing

Programmable top-tube led illumination gives a better visual aspect of the flow of the track for drivers as well as non-driving visitors.

Various color options available.

LED Under Multi-Level Track

Programmable led illumination mounted underneath the multi-level track structure to enhance the sensation of speed.

Various color options available.

LED Clamp Structure

Illuminated installation that enhances the sensation of speed, improves track visibility and safety.

Various color options available.

LED Top Tube on Ground Floor Barrier System

Versatile element mounted on the ground floor barrier system, with different programmable lighting options to enhance the sensation of speed.

Various color options available.

TRACK Shell Technology

Integrate additional revenues on the track floor space.

Independent self-standing modular wall with led lighting that enables the perfect fit for all the track structures and elevated on-track platforms.

Group 3205

Additional revenue on the track floorspace

Group 3205

High-tech and dynamic visual effect

Group 3205

Less building space needed for the same set of attractions

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