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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience in rental karting before starting my own business?

To run a successful business any prior experience is welcome, but not essential. If you make sure to choose a karting track provider that will give you all the guidelines and know-how required, you’ll be on the right track to starting a profitable and booming business. Pick a provider that will grant you first-hand insight into:

  • Location selection
  • Financial benchmarks
  • Demography analysis
  • Revenue projections
  • Track design
  • Track safety
  • Documentation that complies with your location
  • Implementation of additional attractions
  • Manufacturing process
  • Delivery logistics
  • Track installation
  • Final track testing
  • Maintaining the track in perfect condition

It’s important to choose a provider that will be willing to continue your professional relationship and offer suitable support long after your karting arena is up and running.

What are the benefits of building an indoor vs. an outdoor rental karting track?

Benefits of an indoor karting track:

  • Weather independent
  • Year-round operation for maximized revenue potential
  • Possibility to be located in an urban area
  • Theme-oriented facility (sound, lights effects, graphic design…)
  • Easier and cheaper to implement a multiple track layout in the same area
  • Easier to create a cozy and safe environment for organizing corporate events and celebrations
  • Better suited for younger drivers
  • More efficient use of space
  • Possible revitalization of existing industrial buildings

Benefits of an outdoor karting track:

  • Possibility for the track to be bigger, longer, wider
  • Allows drivers to “easily” overtake others
  • More competition-oriented
  • Usually less paperwork

If you can’t decide on one option and you can afford to do so, do both – indoor and outdoor combined in one track. After starting the session indoors, drivers continue outside and return indoors. The indoor track can operate on its own if the weather conditions don’t allow the outdoor track to run – quick repositioning of the barrier system allows for both options.

What are the benefits of multi-level tracks?

The many advantages of a multi-level track solution are:

  • Standing out from the competition due to the eye-catching design and engaging driving
  • The highest use of space available per sq m / sq ft
  • Improved track capacity and revenue potential by being able to place additional attractions in the area you won’t need to use for the track
  • The ultimate “rollercoaster” driving experience with a high number of elevation changes
  • Experiencing gravity with smooth elevation transitions for a feeling of flying or being “squeezed” to the ground
  • A high client return rate

360 Karting provides an outstanding organically shaped multi-level system that resembles natural movements and provides the best driving experience with the safety of the highest possible standards. We provide solutions for indoor and outdoor karting tracks and are the only provider of spiral ramps.

The multi-level track design has been proven to improve the customer return rate by 45%!

What are the basic requirements for the track area?

If you are looking for your future go-kart track location, or you want to check if the one you have is suitable for the 360K track, here are some important indicators:

  • Area size depends on the needed version of the go-kart track based on your target audience and needed capacity.

KIDS track: 325–400 sq m (3,500–4,500 sq ft)

FUN track: 1500–1700 sq m (12,000–18,000 sq ft)

THRILL track: 1700–2400 sq m (18,000–26,000 sq ft)

SINGLE-LEVEL track: 3.000 sq m +

  • Clear height for the multi-level go-kart track (ground floor + one level) needs to be at least 5 meters (16 ft). For a three-level track (ground floor+ two levels) you need at least 7.5 meters (24 ft).
  • Distance between pillars is important to ensure the width of the track so that overtaking is possible – we recommend at least 6.5-13 m (21-43 ft) between pillars.
  • Concrete slab: recommended thickness is at least 150 mm (approx. 6 inches) – if this is not possible, the thickness needs to be specified to evaluate possible solutions. The required concrete strength is C30/37 (Eurocode-2) or 3000 psi – if this is not possible, a technical specification of the concrete is required to evaluate possible solutions.
Is there any special permission or license required for setting up a go-kart track?

You need an operating license, but every country has different requirements and regulations. According to our experience, other permissions and regulations not directly related to the karting business may be required in your local area as well, so 360K advises contacting the local authorities at the earliest stages of the project.

Is there enough population in my area to run a profitable karting business?

With the goal of the optimal occupancy rate, we suggest a population of at least 250k residents within 20-30 minutes’ driving distance.

How can I finance my karting business project?

For investing in the karting business, there can be several ways to ensure you have enough funds. You can take out bank loans, lease equipment, or team up with several investors. 360 Karting also offers partial financing, which requires existing business balance sheets.

How long would it take to obtain ROI for a go-kart track business?

Based on experience, we realize that investment to build and run a karting center is not low. However, the ROI is remarkably high. A project that has invested over $1,500,000 could get the ROI in as soon as 1-2 years. Detailed analysis will be provided in the course of the 360K design concept proposal.

What should I consider in my budget to fully equip a rental karting venue/facility?

360 Karting will provide you with a fully equipped karting track, which includes:

  • Track design and engineering services
  • Safety barrier system (including anchoring and absorption system)
  • Multi-level track structures
  • Pit-area equipment
  • Floor coatings
  • Basic accessories
  • Installation supervision by 360 Karting specialist
  • Transport costs

Upon request 360K can provide also:

  • Timing system,
  • Go-kart fleet,
  • Driver’s equipment,
  • Business operation program (management, marketing, safety briefing, staff training, etc.)

Please note, that non-track-related operations (e.g. construction work, electricity, fire safety, wi-fi) are not included in the 360K scope of work and have to be considered by the client.

What do I get with the 360K turnkey solution?
  • Feasibility and Masterplanning
    In the first step of the go-kart track project, we help you with the financial benchmark, business model selection, target audience and program scheme, revenue potential projection, and project timeline.
  • Track design and engineering
    Design concept
    -Tailored track layout based on the received floorplan
    -Basic 3D visualisation
    Detailed design
    -Elevated 3D visualization equipped with track components and color scheme
    -Track technical data, safety, and operational guidelines presentation
    -Detailed 3D model animation and blueprints for on-site construction purposes
    Structural engineering
    Structural engineering documentation, static analysis, and certification, installation instructions
  • On-site inspection with 3D laser scan
    On-site inspection visit to make sure all prepared documentation and procedures comply with the specifications of the location. With 3D laser scanning technology, we record every detail of your building, so the next stages run smoothly.
  • Manufacturing of the equipment
    The manufacturing of the equipment and auxiliary structures within the agreed timeline and terms confirmed in the design stage.
  • Logistics
    Complete logistics service and transport organization (DAP Parity, loading of the goods, set of shipping documentation, and freight insurance. Import tax excluded).
  • Installation
    Comprehensive installation planning and on-site track installation from initial steps up to track testing. The client may choose between installation supervision by a 360 Karting representative (local labor not included) or turnkey installation service (including labor and all installation equipment).
  • Maintenance program and long-term support
    A preventive track maintenance program with regular visits by 360 Karting supervisors and regular spare parts refills to get your peace of mind and ensure the track is in perfect condition all the time.

Learn more about our services in this video.

What is the expected lead time for a complete turnkey project?

During the communication phase, 360K will check the availability of the Project Execution Slot (project lead time) according to your planned track opening. After the slot reservation with a partial down payment, 360K guarantees the agreed project timeline.

Depending on the scale, complexity, and distance between the client and production plant the project time may vary from 3 to 8 months. For very large and complex projects the lead time is estimated upon the Concept design completion.

How is the target audience related to the track design?

Depending on the target audience the track can be adapted to the level of clients’ skills and expectations (to have fun, to race, to experience the thrill on a multi-level track).

For juniors and families, we recommend the FUN track design – a smooth track layout offers the right mix of relaxing turns and multi-level sections, with the right level of driving engagement without being too hard for the average customer.

THRILL track on the other hand is designed for adults and corporate events. Track layout with a wide range of challenging turns and countless elevation changes up to 3 levels creates an adrenaline rush for racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

If you want to cover the widest target audience, we suggest a combination of two different tracks (usually FUN and THRILL track) in one place. With a quick 20-minute reposition of the barrier system, you can combine two tracks into one SUPER TRACK.

What are the differences between the KIDS, FUN, and THRILL track?

KIDS tracks

FUN tracks

THRILL tracks

Simple track design – no driving skills required The right mix of relaxing turns and multi-level sections A unique track system designed for racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers
Kids’ go-karts with easy steering system Provides more racing experience without being too hard for the average consumer Maximized driving experience and track complexity with a wide range of challenging turns and countless elevation changes up to 3 levels
Ideal for kids’ birthday party business model Perfect for integration with other complementary attractions Ideal for adult groups and corporate events
Perfect choice for family entertainment centres or shopping malls Elevated on-track platforms, smooth track layout Creates adrenaline rush for professional AND less-skilled racers
100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption 100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption 100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption

Read more about each type and contact us if you need any help choosing the best option!

What is the ideal length for a track to run a successful rental karting business?

For a FUN track, targeted at juniors and families, we suggest a track length of 180-300 m (600-950 ft).

For a THRILL track, targeted at adults and corporate groups, we suggest a track length of 300-450 m (1000-1500 ft).

A shorter track is easier to remember and it allows for more laps per session, while still offering a great driving experience. On the other hand, a longer track allows for more diversity of the track elements and various corner types. This results in a greater client experience and satisfaction, which is reflected in the customer return rate.  Our advice is to start with a minimum of 8 go-karts/session which requires a track 200-240 m long.

I would like to run 10 go-karts per session. What is the track length required?

To ensure a high level of safety 360K suggests a track length between 250 and 300 linear meters (820 and 985 linear feet) for the average speed of electric go-karts. However, if your target audience is non-expert drivers and juniors driving at a suggested lower speed, the track could be shorter – around 230 linear meters (755 linear feet).

What is the difference between 360 Karting’s design services and the design services of other providers on the market?

Each 360K design follows two principles: the wow effect for all visitors and ultimate fun for the drivers. Based on the target audience and clients’ wishes, our designers carefully define the track fluidity and unique driving experience, maximize the safety and prepare the first draft of the track layout. The personal approach in the design phase is crucial – our team always cooperates and co-creates the track with the client to get the best solution possible.

After the final draft proposal is approved, we start with the detailed design, where all the track equipment, accessories, color scheme, LED lighting, and other technology are defined.

Can every single-level track be upgraded with multi-level elements?

360K has developed various modules that can be combined in countless ways. The only requirement for safety reasons is the minimum clear height of 5 m (16 ft), although some features allow for a lower clear height.

360K will evaluate the possibility to include a multi-level structure to your track based on your current layout (pdf or dwg file).

How can I maximize the revenue per square meter on a multi-level track?

Although the multi-level track ensures the highest use of space available per sq m / sq ft, we can maximize the revenue even more – with On-track visitor’s areas. The ground floor islands or elevated platforms are an effective way to increase the floor space and incorporate other revenue streams into the track. The areas can be used for: food and beverage, complementary attractions (VR, Arcades, Laser tag, etc.), birthday party rooms, corporate or special event rooms, VIP sections…

Is a go-kart track profitable enough, or should I consider a multiple-attraction center?

Due to the popularity of go-karting and its outstanding design, the go-kart track will attract guests, who want to have fun from the second they step into your facility! While waiting for their driving session, or after the race – we suggest offering additional attractions, such as food & beverage, arcades, VR, etc.

You want to keep your visitors busy as long as possible. This way you maximize your profit and allow them to have fun as long as they want while still wanting to return to try everything you have to offer.

What is the required area for a multiple-attraction center?

The area size needed for a multiple-attraction center depends on the number of attractions you would like to have, but it starts roughly at 3500 square meters (37 700 sq ft). You have to consider also the area needed for the type of track you would like to build – the FUN track needs less space than the THRILL track, so you can put more attractions around it in the limited area.

How is the multi-level go-kart track installed?

After all the construction work that must be carried out first is done and once all the track components are delivered to your location, the assembly of the track can start.

We offer two options for the installation services:

  • Installation supervision by a 360K representative (local labor, installation equipment, and tools needed)
  • Turnkey installation (labor, installation equipment, and tools included)

Here are the main steps of the track installation:

  1. Building a multi-level track structure
    -Support structure with construction columns and all structural support elements
    -Track structure with side rails and transitions between the multi-level track and the ground floor track
    -Decking in two levels: corrugated sheet metal and plywood sheets on top
  2. Applying track resin
    Specially developed 360K floor coating resin is applied both on the ground floor and multi-level sections of the track
  3. Installing the barrier system
    Barriers with an anchoring system are installed on the ground floor and the multi-level sections.
  4. Building the pit area
    Catwalks and charger stands are assembled and anchored.
  5. Installing LED Theming
    LED elements are installed throughout the track.
  6. Applying floor coating elements
    White line, visual delimitation, run-off zones, curbs on corners, blue zone, off-track islands, pit area markings, starting grids, and other custom decorations are applied.
  7. Installing accessories
    All chosen accessories (such as signalization panels, starting lights, column protectors, helmet holders …) are installed.

Take a look at the timelapse video of the track installation.

What kind of pavement is ideal for a go-kart track; asphalt or polished concrete?

The ideal pavement is asphalt but for the indoors, where most of the time there is a concrete slab, we have an excellent solution by using a special track resin that almost equals the asphalt performance.

What kind of site preparation do I need to carry out before installation?

For the installation to start successfully, the client needs to ensure:

  • Access to the area for the delivery of the components
  • Correctly prepared floor surface: shot blasting by a skilled contractor
  • Geodetic survey markings: each column position has to be marked on the floor by a survey engineer
Once the track is operational, can I rely on further support and maintenance?

To ensure a worry-free and profitable karting business, 360K provides regular calls and visits that include:

  • Track inspection and technical check-up
  • Creating a technical track status report
  • Defining necessary on-site interventions
  • Fine-tuning the track layout to minimize impact angles
  • Creating a maintenance plan and daily work goals schedule
  • Execution of necessary interventions according to the maintenance plan
  • Track maintenance report

To keep the track in perfect condition all the time, we can provide you with our maintenance box with key spare parts.

This results in zero unexpected downtime and lower maintenance costs.

How do I improve the life span of my track?

360K solutions enable you to maximize the life span of your future karting business by:

  • Providing the safest barrier system on the market with specially developed Energy transfer and absorption technology that prevents dangerous situations on the track and ensures driver’s safety while minimizing go-kart damage.
  • Providing a multi-level construction that minimizes the maintenance costs and improves the life span of both the track and go-karts. Its shape follows the ideal driving lines minimizing the occurrence of a 90° impact and significantly decreasing other impacts on the safety barrier system.
  • Offering track modularity (rapid track layout change) that improves the long-term attractiveness of your karting track, so the drivers will never get bored.
  • Offering the possibility of future easy track upgrades with minimum investment. With our multi-level solution, which can be disassembled and re-assembled, we can easily change the track layout and extend the track capacity by adding a few more modules.

For an existing karting track, 360K offers multiple possible improvements:

  • Updating your barrier system
  • Redesigning your current track layout
  • Adding new features with the addition of a multi-level structure
  • Adding different track accessories, including an LED lighting system
What are the advantages of electric go-karts over petrol go-karts?

Electric go-karts have become widespread in the karting arenas, especially on indoor tracks. They have many advantages over petrol go-karts, such as no air pollution, less noise, and the possibility of speed control for different target groups. Consequently, more women and families are visiting karting arenas and your target audience is wider.

The other important advantage for your business is operational efficiency. The electric go-kart fleet is always divided into two parts: half of the fleet is running, and half of the fleet is charging in the pit area, maintaining the battery levels at 100%. This guarantees a seamless operation with no downtime between sessions, consequently enabling you for the highest revenue potential in the rush hours.

How do electric go-karts perform on 360K multi-level track structures?

During the development of the multi-level structures, 360K considered all the key parameters (e.g. transitions, inclinations, grip, etc.) and the specifics of both electric and petrol go-karts to ensure optimal performance.

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