Contender E-Karting Querétaro

The Queretaro track is designed for entertainment and thrill-seekers. With the layout, which provides improved fluidity the track will offer proper racing entertainment also to beginner drivers, ladies, and juniors. The track will be remembered because of its unique trajectories, provided with the new generation of 360 Karting Multi-Level Track structure.

  • Location Querétaro City, Mexico
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed December 2018

About the track

The track area of 3.800 m2 is distinguished into the ground level track with improved fluidity and multi-level track with straight ramp, banked semi-oval and curved ramp features that ensure an unforgettable experience for all drivers. The pit-lane area with 17 go-karts positions allows an efficient entrance and exit for visitors.

Technical track data

Available area: 3800 sq m (40 900 sq ft)
Track length: 295 m
Ground floor length: 193 m
Multi-level Track length: 102 m
Track min. width: 4 m
Track max. width: 7 m
Estimated lap time: 27 s/lap
Track capacity: up to 13 go-karts/session