In June 2023, 360 Karting turned an exciting new chapter, relocating to a new and bigger office building. This move wasn’t just about finding a new home, it was about creating a hub where our innovative spirit and cutting-edge technology come to life. 

Our new headquarters, with 1000 sq m of office space and a 700 sq m showroom, is a testament to our team’s growth and vision. But that’s just the beginning. We’ve also added two more buildings, covering a massive 2500 sq m area, to bring our entire supply chain together in one place. This will make everything more reliable, available, and efficient.

One of the crowning jewels of our new location is our very own karting track, completed in September 2023. Besides being an extremely fun track, it’s also a symbol of 360 Karting’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in karting.


Why relocate and create our own showroom?

The decision to move and establish our own showroom came from a desire to create an immersive experience for clients worldwide. Imagine a place where you can experience the latest 360K technology firsthand, see the concept of the best karting attractions, and then brainstorm your project with us. This is what our showroom offers.

We sought a space that was big enough to house our own track, incorporating every element of the driving experience, yet compact enough to demonstrate our expertise in space optimization.

Our Izola track is a marvel in maximizing space utilization, offering the largest capacity on the smallest possible footprint.

Track Area 686 sq m
Track Length 227 meters
Hourly Revenue (Full Capacity) 1,300 €
Annual Revenue 1.9 Million €
Investment Payback Period 1.3 Years

The Track: A hub of innovation, fun and connections

Our Izola track isn’t just a track. It’s a breeding ground for technological advancement, a place for employee entertainment, and a showroom for both existing and potential clients.

It serves as a demonstration space for the 125 existing clients who have known us for our previous technology. This provides them with a live preview of our newest innovations, making it an ideal chance for them to explore how to upgrade their tracks.

Our Izola headquarters is also an invitation to new potential investors and track owners to witness the possibilities of a 360K track. They come to explore, experience the heightened driving sensation, and see the tangible benefits of choosing our cutting-edge solutions.

Since opening in September, we’ve welcomed 30 international visitors from countries as diverse as Israel, Korea, the USA, France, Belgium, Poland, Chile, Italy, Croatia, and more. As the word spreads, we’re preparing for even more global interest, anticipating around 120 visitors each year.

The showroom features a state-of-the-art multi-level track, showcasing the best in space optimization and providing an unmatched driving and non-driving experience for potential investors.


“Congratulation! It was amazing experience in 360! It blow our clients minds! We will probably visit ( with) customers more often- it’s a great tool to show differences with competition. Mitja made our trip perfect! His hospitality and effort was outstanding!”

Martin Gagacki, Potencial investor from Poland


Introducing the first Spacekart project

Spacekart is our innovative go-kart track concept, developed in partnership with Sodikart and Apex.

As our first Spacekart project, the Izola track exemplifies innovation in karting. It brings an entirely new dimension to racing, turning traditional time trials on their head and inviting everyone to the winner’s podium – yes, even grandma could take the crown!

It’s all about competitive socializing, making every race an event where the outcome is anyone’s guess. This shift introduces a fresh, dynamic element to karting, inviting families and friends to experience the thrill of racing in a way that’s engaging for everyone.

One of Spacekart’s standout features is its gamification potential. While we’re keeping the details under wraps for now, we’re excited about the fresh energy it’s going to bring into the karting scene. Think of the feel of video games loved by millions, now brought to life on the go-kart track.

In embracing this game-changing approach, we’ve also found a way to design a narrowed track to fit smaller spaces. While this design not only enables more businesses to fit a go-kart track into smaller spaces, it isn’t just for saving space. It also adds a new layer of excitement and challenge to the karting experience.

We’ve equipped the track with the latest technology – driving surface lights, a show program, and visual feedback lights that alert drivers and spectators to impacts on the track.

The track is an example of our team’s ability to combine function with form, creating a space that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is thrilling to drive on.

Smaller karts, bigger opportunities

By joining forces with the world’s largest go-kart manufacturer, we’ve successfully downsized the go-kart.

Doing so, we’ve redefined a standard in go-karting that has remained unchanged since 1956 – the dimensions of the go-kart. This smart tweak allowed us to shrink our tracks from the standard 2,000 square meters to a neat 700 square meters.

Our historically small PIT area is another example of our commitment to space efficiency, focusing on the most exciting parts of the karting experience.

With this innovation, we’ve now entered the market with a much smaller footprint. There are many more opportunities for property availability when you’re looking for 700 sq m compared to 2000 sq m. This opens up many possibilities to potential investors and business owners.

Here’s our lead track designer’s words on being asked how does racing on our 800 sq m track compare to larger tracks:

“The shorter tracks are better for the casual driver. You can “get” them sooner. You understand the corners and you can learn it faster. This gives customers a sense of satisfaction and makes them want to drive the track again and again. This means more fun for the driver of any skill and repeat business for the owner.”

Technical details that impress

The track covers an area of 732 sq m, with a total length of 227m. Its multi-level design spans 155 m, with an average width of about 4 m. Designed to accommodate up to 12 go-karts per session, the track promises an intense and fast-paced experience, with an estimated lap time of just 21 seconds, despite being super compact.


Experience the 360K tech firsthand

If you’re thinking about building your own track or updating one you already have, feel free to reach out. Come visit, experience the 360K tech for yourself, and brainstorm with our team to come up with the perfect solution.

We recognize Ambasada Gavioli’s status as a cultural landmark, and in taking this step, we were deeply committed to honoring its legacy. Our goal was not to overshadow its cultural significance but to respectfully repurpose it, breathing new life into it while still celebrating its rich history.

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