This is the second of 4 blog posts in the Experience Design series, highlighting 360K’s mission to improve go-karting for drivers and non-drivers alike.

Creating go-kart tracks is a unique blend of creative vision and precise science. At 360 Karting, we ace this delicate balance, making our tracks stand out. We focus on “Experience Design” to make our tracks engaging and addictive.

In this article, we talk about how a well-planned pace of events on a track can make your guests have more fun and want to come back again and again.

360K’s design philosophy: More than just go-kart tracks

Our design team doesn’t just build go-kart tracks. They focus on creating exceptional karting destinations.

“We construct top-notch go-karting destinations to deliver exceptional, fun-filled experiences that drivers of all skill levels can enjoy, every single time.”

What makes our team special is that we focus on making the ride super exciting. We want everyone to feel the rush that real racers feel, regardless of their skill level. From zooming up ramps to feeling the rush of speed, spiraling effects, and more.

Also, the look and feel of the track, like the lights and scenery, add to the fun! All this combined makes the experience real and sensuous, something you can’t get from a computer game.


The three core principles of mastering track dynamics

The 360 Karting design team sticks to three core principles, shaping the very foundation of our track dynamics – fluidity, physical sensations, and pace of events on a track. 

Creating tracks with a smooth flow to ensure fluid rides

Our team works on making tracks that keep the drivers moving fast and steady. The aim is to keep their speed in a certain sweet spot between 85% to 115% of the average track speed, most of the time. This gives the race a fun rhythm. As a result, drivers can just focus on the race instead of always trying to find the optimal speed by speeding up or slowing down.

This way, drivers feel more in control, even when going fast. It makes them feel more comfortable and confident. And when a driver is confident, they’re more likely to return and have the desire to get even better at racing.

Turning up the fun by making the ride feel more exciting

Besides making tracks that are smooth to drive, we also want to make the ride feel more intense for every driver. This comes from things like going up and down hills or turning corners.

For example, racing up and down a hill can feel like being on a roller coaster, while going fast and smooth around corners lets drivers feel the thrill of speed.

Without well-designed tracks that promote these sensations, go-karting could get boring. That’s why we make sure our tracks are designed to keep things fun and interesting, keeping drivers excited to race again and again.

Perfecting the pace of the track

In simple words, ‘pace of events’ means the number of things that happen on the track. These events strung together make the ride exciting for the driver. It’s like being on a roller coaster that you control yourself. Our tracks are made to be safe and thrilling at the same time, a perfect blend that keeps the drivers returning to beat their personal bests.

Our goal is to have something exciting happen every 1.5 seconds on the track! Be it a change in level or a twist in direction, each thing will add to the driver’s thrill. To make this happen, we put a lot of thought into track design so that these exciting moments are spread evenly all over the track. This way, drivers are sure to have a ride that is always fun and never gets boring.

The right pace also helps to make the track safe. By placing track parts smartly, like not having too many long straightaways and not making corners too sharp, we keep the right balance. This approach effectively lowers the average speed, while retaining the exhilaration that makes go-karting truly special.

At 360 Karting, years of learning and experience have taught us exactly how to design and build the “perfect” track. We have learned from past mistakes and refined our approach to delivering the thrill, fun, and safety in one attractive package. We know it’s not just about keeping the excitement high but also about adding variety to the track.


How 360 Karting sets the bar higher

At 360 Karting, we’re proud to be different. We focus on making our tracks fun and safe, not just fast. We don’t use too many straightaways or very sharp turns like others might do, as these can make driving harder, especially for new drivers. Crashing into the sides and trying to regain control can ruin the fun quickly.

We know that many go-kart drivers are still learning and just want to have a good time. That’s why our tracks require less braking and guarantee more smiles. Other companies that don’t put as much focus into keeping the ride smooth and enjoyable, may end up causing the drivers to make too many stops and starts, which can make the ride much less exciting.

And let’s be real – if customers aren’t having a blast on your track, they might start believing go-karting isn’t their cup of tea, or even worse, they might label your track as ‘dull’. This could mean losing them forever – and who wants to let clients slip away?

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