Imagine stepping into a go-karting arena where the vivid LED lights dance across the track, revealing intriguing twists and turns, highlighting the breathtaking elements, such as spiral ramps and banked semi-ovals, while providing a mesmerizing visual experience. Welcome to the future of go-kart racing, led by 360 Karting!

Our advanced LED theming improves both the driving and non-driving experiences in your arena. It ensures complete customer happiness, track safety, and that amazing “WOW” factor that draws in more visitors.


The pioneering role of 360 Karting

We were the first to bring in eye-catching LED decorations to the tough and “messy” world of go-kart tracks. Our journey into lighting the tracks began at the Grand Prix New York Racing & Entertainment in New York, USA , the first track that sparkled under our LED lights.

We added a visual flair to our unique, organic multi-level tracks, enhancing the overall driving experience, emphasizing track lines, and giving drivers clear visibility.

We believed that these lights, besides adding a safety feature, would essentially draw even more drivers and spectators into the action. And we weren’t wrong.


Overcoming design limitations with a simple and innovative approach

Many times, we’ve felt disappointed after creating a high-end design for a go-kart track, only for it to be placed in a white warehouse under regular ceiling-mounted reflectors. Completely devoid of atmosphere, poor on appearance, and ruining the overall image of the attractive track.

Understandably, not all investors are aware of the power of theming or have the resources for high-end theming, involving graphic wall designs, architectural lighting, and sound systems.

To combat this, we developed a solution not reliant on the architectural features or interior design of the location. Instead, it’s built into our track design. A cutting-edge LED lighting solution that elevates the thrill of go-karting while creating an entertaining show for onlookers.


6 game-changing advantages of LED theming for your go-kart track

Imagine the thrill of a go-kart race. Now, envision that experience amplified with the magic of LED lighting. That’s precisely what our innovative lighting technology achieves – transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Painting the scene with light

Ordinary lighting in a go-kart track is like a blank canvas – it illuminates everything, leaving no room for dramatic highlights or the creation of a unique atmosphere. However, when the standard operational lights are turned off, our LED lighting technology steps into the limelight. This transformative power of light takes the track from simply functional to truly sensational, highlighting the layout and enhancing the overall ambiance.


Enhancing the experience while making smart budget choices

It’s not just about aesthetics. Safety and functionality are at the heart of our LED technology. During racing sessions, the strategically placed LEDs – on our top tube and along the driving surface – ensure a well-lit path for drivers. This means we can turn off the main lights in the building, which makes the racing experience even more exciting.

Even without the main building lights, the spectators can easily follow the race, thanks to our smart LED lighting. By focusing on the track lighting, we reduce the need to spend money on fancy walls . So, our technology lets you spend wisely, boosting the fun of your main attraction instead of pouring money into less noticeable parts of the arena.


Steering the race with visual feedback lights

Our track features a top tube equipped with intelligent visual feedback lights. These lights not only alert everyone to safety issues like accidents on the track but also signify the final lap , adding a layer of suspense. They also offer a dynamic feature – the “Golden Ring,” a spotlight for the current race leader. 


Solving architectural challenges, stylishly

Our LED lighting isn’t just about illuminating the track. It’s also about cleverly disguising any architectural imperfections . Unattractive walls? Not a problem. With a simple coat of dark paint and strategic lighting, such flaws recede into the background, and the track becomes the star of the show.

Rush Speed arena, Italy

Creating an unforgettable show

Our LED technology truly shines during the breaks between sessions. The transition from race to rest isn’t just a dull downtime, but an exhilarating ambient lightshow . The spectacle keeps spectators engaged, with lights sweeping across the most attractive parts of the track, complemented by a rhythmic musical backdrop.


Keeping the sound in check

In addition to the visual delights, we’re mindful of sound management. The noise from the track, such as the screeching of tires, should stay on the track and not intrude into spectator areas. Our sound design ensures that conversation, coffee sipping, and dancing to music can all go uninterrupted by the race.


The business impact of LED lighting: a win-win scenario times five

At the end of the day, it’s not just about creating an exceptional experience. It’s also about driving business results. While it might not seem obvious right away, LED theming can greatly boost your income.

  • Enhanced experience: Eye-catching lighting attracts and draws in potential customers, showcasing unique parts of your arena.
  • Increased visibility: Optimal visibility on the track brings out the best in drivers, making them eager to experience the track again and again.
  • Extended hours: Well-lit venues extend operating hours, catering to a wider audience and increasing revenue potential.
  • Effective marketing: High-quality lighting creates attractive visuals for advertising campaigns, driving brand exposure and attracting new customers on social media.
  • Revenue boost: Good lighting ultimately results in increased revenue through ticket sales and more opportunities to sell food, drinks, and merchandise.
  • Attraction for everyone: By making go-karting cool and fun, you secure long-term visits and shift the focus from a niche racing audience to a broader family audience, increasing potential market reach from 3% to 45%.


Illuminating the Future of Entertainment

This is just a glimpse into our current innovations, but we’re far from done. As we move forward, we’re looking to develop LED theming even further, creating a range of show programs and exploring ways to provide even more visual feedback to drivers and spectators. The future of racing entertainment is brighter than ever, and we’re thrilled to be leading the way.

With LED effects
With LED effects
With LED effects
Without LED effects
Without LED effects

Thinking of a glow-up for your go-kart track? Let’s get in touch!

We help bring your track to life with LED theming, adding a little extra magic to each race. It’s more than just lights – we aim to create unforgettable experiences for every driver and non-driver, and boost your track’s appeal.

Ready for more smiles, more racers, and more business? Let’s light up your track together!

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