Andretti Indoor Karting & Games San Antonio

  • Location San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed October 2018

About the track

The track area of approx. 40.000 sq. ft. is divided into Kids track, Track 1, and Track 2 surface with a central pit-lane area, allowing an efficient entrance and exit for drivers. Track 1 and Track 2 can be operated separately or as Supertrack, which is classified as the longest indoor multi-level tracks in the world. 360K offers rapid track change elements, which make the repositioning of the safety barrier system quick and smooth. The estimated time for the track layout change with 2 trained workers is 20-30 minutes, without using special tools.

Technical track data

Track length: approx. 2120 ft (650 m)
Ground floor length: approx. 640 ft (195 m)
Multi-level track length: approx. 1480 ft (450 m)