• Location Schagen, Netherlands
  • Indoor single level track
  • Completed June 2019

About the track

The single-level track with a total track length of 286 m offers various technical turns and exciting overtaking opportunities. Unlike many traditional go-kart tracks with tires, the SkagaVenture track is clean, bright, safe and zero-emission. Thanks to the 360 Karting barriers system, with maximum controlled absorption and several runoffs, the visitors feel like they are on Formula 1 track. The Track layout is suitable for both key target groups, racing enthusiasts and recreational drivers. For sure, next level karting!

Technical track data

Available area: 2690 sq m (29 000 sq ft)
Track length: 286 m (940 ft)
Track min. width: 5 m (16,5 ft)
Track max. width: 10 m (33 ft)
Estimated lap time: 27 s/lap
Track Capacity: up to 11 go-karts per track