Supercharged Entertainment NJ

  • Location New Jersey, USA
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed October 2022

About the track

Built on 80.000 sq ft, Supercharged Entertainment NJ is the largest indoor multi-level track in the world - it succeeded the first Supercharged Entertainment track that was built in 2018 in Wrentham, MA. It is really one-of-a-kind: two tracks are intertwined in one area, and they can be combined into one large super track of 3.395 ft (1035 m)! More than 40 go-karts can run on a super track at the same time, for an unforgettable experience of 25 elevation changes in one lap. When not racing on the track, you can enjoy in other activities in the center, such as arcades, axe throwing, bionic bumper cars, VR, and a drop & twist tower.

Technical track data

Available area: 7400 sq m (80 000 sq ft)
Track 1:
Track length: 1614 ft (492 m)
Track capacity: up to 21 go-karts/session
Track 2:
Track length: 1781 ft (543 m)
Track capacity: up to 24 go-karts/session
Super track:
Track length: 3395 ft (1035 m)
Track capacity: up to 45 go-karts/session