Antwerp Bowling & AB E-Karting

  • Location Antwerp, Belgium
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed December 2019

About the track

The track area of 2.400 m2 has two key elements. The first is improved fluidity of the ground floor and the second is a multi-level feature that will ensure an unforgettable experience for the drivers. The positioning of other areas like the pit-lane, service area and hospitality area are set to allow an efficient entrance and exit for drivers.

Technical track data

Track length: 211 m
Ground floor length: 123 m
Multi-level Track length: 88 m
Track min. width: 6 m
Track max. width: 11 m
Estimated lap time: 20 s/lap
Track Capacity: up to 7 go-karts per track