RPM Raceway Jersey City

  • Location New Jersey, USA
  • Indoor multi-level karting track
  • Completed November 2022

About the track

At the RPM Raceway Jersey City location, we transformed the place from ordinary to extraordinary. We have built two multi-level tracks that can be combined into one "Megatrack" with three levels of vertical elevation, lightning-fast straightaways, 90-degree hairpin, and spiraling ramps that racing enthusiasts and thrill seekers will love. And of course, we didn't forget about the youngest - a junior track is integrated on the ground floor. Our tracks are accompanied by VR battles, racing simulators, arcade games, and bowling. RPM Jersey City is now a go-to karting destination, offering guests one of the most premium racing experiences in the region.

Technical track data

Available area: 5600 sq m (60 400 sq ft)
Track 1:
Track length: 974 ft (297 m)
Track capacity: up to 17 go-karts per session
Track 2:
Track length:1122 ft (342 m)
Track capacity: up to 19 go-karts per session
Junior Track:
Track length: 354 ft (108 m)