Kobalt Zwolle

  • Location Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Indoor single level track with a multi-level experience element
  • Completed January 2022

About the track

Kobalt is the new family entertainment center in Zwolle, Netherlands. With a go-kart track, many virtual reality activities, and arcade games, it's a perfect go-to place for the whole family. The majority of the go-kart track is single-level, with one multi-level structure: the fly-over element for the unforgettable feelings of flying.

Technical track data

Available area: 4000 sq m (43 000 sq ft)
Track length: 367 m
Ground floor length: 328 m
Multi-level track length: 39 m
Track min. width: 6 m
Track max. width: 10 m
Estimated lap time: 34 s/lap
Track capacity: up to 16 go-karts per session

«The track is absolutely perfect, customers and employees simply love it, and the layout is exactly what it needs to be for both experienced and inexperienced drivers. Also, the building process was bliss, 360K kept their promise, was always on time and even ahead of time, incredibly hard and skilled workers, and communication was always quick and effective.» — Arjen Grotenhuis, Track owner