Overpass modules

Overpass modules

More space for racing and more fun. This means more costumers.

Take advantage of overpass modules and improve racing experience! ​Our overpass modules can be used on indoor and outdoor rent-a-karting tracks.

How it works?

With modular design of overpass elements, you can enlarge track length by lifting the track. All modules are compatible with each other and fully equipped for immediate and safe use.

Features and benefits

  • More racing on the same surface. With overpass modules, you can enlarge racing track, thus allowing more racing for your drivers.
  • More adrenaline and fun means more racing. ​Racing up and down on many floors levels is really fun and an unique experience. You will increase the frequency and visits of your karting track.
  • Modularity. You can install overpass modules almost everywhere. Designed for indoor and outdoor.
  • Quick and strong. Relatively quick installation and strong fabrication.

Custom modules also available

Please note that we can also design, construct and install custom modules to fit your special needs.

Product technical description


Overpass module 6000 (straight)

 Overpass module 15000 (ramp)

Example ​(l x w x h)




6.000 x 6.000 x 2.500 module
6.000 x 5.400 x 2.500 module

15.000 x 6.000 x 2.500 module
15.000 x 5.400 x 2.500 module


Metal structure, driving surface with improved grip, safety barriers with fixing system.


Decorative roof and lights. Complete technical documentation with static/dynamic analysis. CE certification on request.



VKI VIcenza Kart Indoor

"Our clients love multilevel track. 360 Karting’s overpass modules are great investment. We add additional modules each year and expand our indoor track. This year we will build even a third floor."

Matteo Zanettin, VKI Vicenza, Italy

CIK-FIA Safety Board

"360 Karting's barrier solutions are the most innovative, flexible and safe I had seen in this industry."

Domen Jerancic, Member of the CIK-FIA Safety board

Top fuel Milano

"Bringing comprehensive business models to rental karting is a great opportunity for inverstors and their future clients - rental karting drivers."

​Giovanni Vincenzi, Top Fuel karting Milano, Italy