Floor coating

Floor coating

Improve safety and embellish your racing track with special developed floor coatings for rental karting requirements.

We offer a comprehensive kit for floor coating, instructions and equipment for application. We developed this resin especially for rental karting requirements.

Benefits and features

  • More fun means more costumers. Improved precision, grip and racing control for better racing experience. This is essential for increased volume and frequency of racing.
  • Reduce cost of tires. This product generate a good tire wear / grip ratio, thus you will reduce costs for wheel spare parts.
  • Improve safety. More control means fewer collisions and injures.

Floor coating types

Type Image

Track floor coatings

Optimal solution for excellent tire wear-out and grip ratio.

floor solutions karting 05

Run-off zones floor coating

Floor coating with extremely enhanced grip to maximize energy absorption before impact.

floor run off

Visual track delimitation

Visual help for drivers to improve the safety and enjoyment.

floor solutions karting 11

Floor coating signalization

Signalization to improve racing experience for your drivers.

floor solutions karting 02

See images for examples!

VKI VIcenza Kart Indoor

"Our clients love multilevel track. 360 Karting’s overpass modules are great investment. We add additional modules each year and expand our indoor track. This year we will build even a third floor."

Matteo Zanettin, VKI Vicenza, Italy

CIK-FIA Safety Board

"360 Karting's barrier solutions are the most innovative, flexible and safe I had seen in this industry."

Domen Jerancic, Member of the CIK-FIA Safety board

Top fuel Milano

"Bringing comprehensive business models to rental karting is a great opportunity for inverstors and their future clients - rental karting drivers."

​Giovanni Vincenzi, Top Fuel karting Milano, Italy