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International Kart Exhibition in Offenbach

International Kart Exhibition in Offenbach (0)

International Kart Exhibition in Offenbach, Germany is a worldwide unique exhibition and perfect place to get connected with hundreds of karting industry experts from around the world.

We look forward to present you our latest news.

Visit 360 Karting stnad in Hall1.


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Track optimization

How to improve your karting track?

We are always striving to develop products or solutions in order to answer the question above. We know that you need professional and high quality equipment for your racing track or facilty in order to keep your costumers coming back and race again.

However, we also know that karting equipment needs to be business effective and should improve your business model from three perspectives:

  • Management cost reduction in your racing facility / track
  • Improved racing experience and the overall quality for your costumers
  • Increased sales and improved frequency of rides

What kind of improvement can we ensure?

More racing space, safer and professional racing track

We have 10+ experience in safety barrier design and development. We developed safety systems to make your racing track bigger, safer (with integrated absorbing system) and more professional.

Discover extroblock safety system and block barriers system.

Bigger racing track with overpass modules

Need more space for racing on same surface area. Create second or even third floor on racetrack. We guarantee more adrenaline for drivers.

Learn more about overpass modules.

Do you use the good, old proven tyres on racing track?

Discover simple and effective products to embellish your safety tyres and avoid tyre repositioning after collisions (anchors and aborbers for tyres). You can also get rid of dirt and water.

Discover tyre barrier solutions.

Make racing track and facility more functional and fun

We developed various track accessories in order to make your business really stand out.

Discover track accessories.


New Tracks

How to start?

Karting business has peaked your interest and now you are looking into how to start. You most probably seek information about rental karting business, racing tracks, go-karts, safety barrier systems and other racing stuff?!

You are also interested about investment, management cost, pros and cons of rental karting business!
Don't worry. We are here to help you!

Rental karting business

Karting business can be complex to take in initially, as the learning curve may be quite steep. We know the feeling since we have been there ourselves.

However, DO NOT DESPAIR! Rental karting business can be very lucrative, rewarding and easy to learn. We created a document for the beginner investor in mind. Inside you will find all the basic information you need to build your plan and start a profitable business. To make all of this easy to understand, we have added quite a few pictures and illustrations.

This project guide will give you the information about:

  • Basic steps for a successful rental karting business model
  • Type of racing track (pros and cons of various racing tracks)
  • Safety barriers system
  • Go-karts
  • Floor coating systems
  • Design and engineering concepts
  • Various track level examples
  • Investment cost valuation

We hope you will enjoy!


About us

Our products, solutions and consulting services enable your go-kart track's customers to enjoy the same extraordinary sensations that Formula 1 drivers experience when competing. Your guests will experience an adrenaline rush from the moment they close the visors on their helmets to their reluctant return home, reinforcing the thought of returning to your go-kart track.

We have the answers for?

  • Designing your go-kart center, both for the reception area and the racing area.
  • Specifying the necessary components for the creation of your go-kart track, with the option of providing specific go-kart track solutions (guard-rails, electric or petrol-powered go-karts, lap-time detection systems, special resins for flooring, technical outfits, go-kart track furnishing, etc.).
  • Transforming your go-kart track into a place of fun and adrenaline.


photo: technical office Koper

What do we offer?

We are a team of enthusiasts and experts in the field of go-karting and a leading manufacturer of special parts for go-kart centers. We offer:

  • Comprehensive solutions for rent-a-kart facility development, design, construction and start-up
  • Selection and provision of equipment and components for the realization of go-kart centres
  • Safety barrier systems (indoor and outdoor)
  • Tyre barrier solutions
  • Floor coatings
  • Overpass modules
  • Various track accessories to improve racing experience
  • Go-karts (with the possibility to create customized go-karts)
  • Technical advice for the setup of go-kart tracks
  • Complete provision of technical outfits (suits, gloves, helmets, boots, body protectors, etc.)

Our philosophy

Your customers will experience the unique sensation of driving a go-kart that is able to convey the same extraordinary feeling that every F1 driver experiences when driving these miniature F1s in complete safety.

Your goal will be to provide them with the means to enjoy these sensations and provide the professional input in order for them to experience a rent-a-karting race – and we will be able to create the conditions for achieving it. Your go-kart track will remain a reference point for your customers only if you are able to fulfill certain conditions:

  • Maximum grip
  • Optimal go-kart cockpit position
  • Go-karts fitted with racing equipment
  • Lap time detection system
  • Technical outfit
  • Shock absorption system
  • Professional management of the go-kart circuit
  • Ability to set up a karting school for kids and adults

All this will ensure that your go-kart track becomes a significant sports centre and meeting place for motorsports enthusiasts.

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VKI VIcenza Kart Indoor

"Our clients love multilevel track. 360 Karting’s overpass modules are great investment. We add additional modules each year and expand our indoor track. This year we will build even a third floor."

Matteo Zanettin, VKI Vicenza, Italy

CIK-FIA Safety Board

"360 Karting's barrier solutions are the most innovative, flexible and safe I had seen in this industry."

Domen Jerancic, Member of the CIK-FIA Safety board

Top fuel Milano

"Bringing comprehensive business models to rental karting is a great opportunity for inverstors and their future clients - rental karting drivers."

​Giovanni Vincenzi, Top Fuel karting Milano, Italy