Integrated Absorbing System

Integrated Absorbing System

We designed and developed this special system to reduce injuries and vehicles damage in case of collisions.

Benefits and features

  • Rapid installation, suitable for modular tracks.
  • Flexible anchoring. Enures energy abosrption and holds the barriers on place.
  • Quick plugin. Ensres extremly rapid track changes.
  • Integrated with barriers. Ensures both sides usability.
  • Improve safety on your racing track. With this product you will increase the safety of your clients, especially on narrow tracks areas and fast turns where collisions and crashes often occur and may also cause injuries.
  • Reduces maintenance and repairs costs. It distributes the energy of vehicle collision. This will significantly reduce costs of repairs and maintenance costs connected with your vehicles.
  • Less workers on track. Thanks to absorbing system, barriers are automatically aligned after impact. For this reason you will need less workers on racing track for barriers alignment.

Compatible with all block barriers components and ExtroBlock components

Integrated absorbing system is compatible with Block barriers and extroslim barrier. On 100m of extroblock safety barrier system the provided usage is from 20 - 60 flexible anchors units.




VKI VIcenza Kart Indoor

"Our clients love multilevel track. 360 Karting’s overpass modules are great investment. We add additional modules each year and expand our indoor track. This year we will build even a third floor."

Matteo Zanettin, VKI Vicenza, Italy

CIK-FIA Safety Board

"360 Karting's barrier solutions are the most innovative, flexible and safe I had seen in this industry."

Domen Jerancic, Member of the CIK-FIA Safety board

Top fuel Milano

"Bringing comprehensive business models to rental karting is a great opportunity for inverstors and their future clients - rental karting drivers."

​Giovanni Vincenzi, Top Fuel karting Milano, Italy