• Vicenza, Italy
  • Indoor and outdoor multi-level track
  • May 2019

Vicenza Kart Indoor Upgrade

360 Karting presents upgraded indoor and outdoor track in VKI – Vicenza Kart Indoor, Italy. Due to the 100 m longer outdoor multi-level section with a unique 270 ° spiral ramp, the track creates an improved driving experience and exhilarating feelings to regular drivers. After the start with some fast bends and technical chicanes indoor, the driver continues outside with the combination of high-speed straights to the new part of the multi-level structure. Thanks to the slow ascent ramp, the go-kart holds most of the speed and enters the double right turns which drags the driver into the famous 270 ° spiral ramp. The upgrade, with the opening date on May 2019, results in improvement of client’s satisfaction and increases the customer return rate. The visitors deserve to experience something they just can’t get anywhere else!

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