• Salt Lake City, USA
  • Multi-level indoor track
  • November 2018

The Grid

The Grid multi-level indoor track represents one of the main attractions within the Evermore Park in Utah, USA. The track area of 60.000 sq. ft. is divided into Track 1 – Cherry red track and Track 2 – Ocean blue track surface with central pit-lane area for 48 electric go-karts. The tracks can be operated separately or as Supertrack. The Supertrack is classified as one of the longest indoor multi-level tracks in the region.

Cherry red track

The track starts with a slight left turn and within its faster section climbs to a multi-level structure. The uniqueness of this layout is a twin left/right combination of 180° banked corners, where drivers will experience the centrifugal forces on the banked driving surface.

Ocean blue track

The track starts with a slight right turn and leads to multi-level section, where initially climbs through a curved ramp to 8,5 ft. level. After another straight ramp drivers will experience the first fast section of the track on 17 ft. level coming to an almost cork-screw section, which descends back to ground level. The geometry of double 90°left/right turns in descend to the ground floor offer a unique combination of speed and fluidity.

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