• Montville, CT (US)
  • Indoor multi-level rental karting track
  • December, 2016

Supercharged Racing

Indoor multi-level track with overpass structures, level “-1” and multiple banked semi-ovals. At the time of opening this track was one of the largest indoor multi-level tracks in the world. The Supercharged Montville (CT) track is composed out of 2 tracks. Based on track modularity princliple the 2 tracks are connectable into a “supertrack” of with over 900 m of total length.

Home page: www.superchargedracing.com

Applied solutions

  • Extroslim safety barrier system with integrated absorbing units.
  • Overpass construction
  • 5 levels track layout
  • Track modularity
  • Floor coatings
  • Various accessories

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