• November 2019

Grand Prix New York Racing & Entertainment

Grand Prix New York Racing & Entertainment has brought a new level of excitement to the thrill-seekers on November 14th 2019 with the launch of 360K multi-level track as well as the Grand Prix Extreme Play (GPX) Park that features almost 20,000 square feet of attractions. The visitors will enjoy our new eye-catching LED theming that enhances the sensation of speed and improves track visibility and safety.

About the track

The Grand Prix New York track is designed for entertainment and thrill-seekers. With a smaller 141 ft Baby track, a second 295 ft Junior track for the whole family and a third 1339 ft Adult track for racing enthusiasts. This track offers a proper racing entertainment for everyone. With a simple change of specified barriers, the GPNY track can shift from a two-track system into one – Supertrack experience with 1634 ft that includes hairpins, spiral ramp, constant radius turns, banked semi-oval turns, increasing radius turns, and several elevation changes.

Technical track data

Baby track:

  • Track length: 141 ft (43 m)
  • Track capacity: 6 go-karts

Junior track:

  • Track length: 295 ft (90 m)
  • Track capacity: 10 go-karts

Adult track:

  • Track length: 1339 ft (408 m)
  • Track capacity: 33 go-karts

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