• Antwerp, Belgium
  • December 2019

Antwerp Bowling & AB E-Karting

The Antwerp Bowling is a venue with an exceptional potential that has added karting as an anchor attraction. It complements bowling perfectly because of a similar goal – to bring the fun for groups and corporate events. This track has the latest organically shaped multi-level elements and is the first 360 Karting track with Integrated LED lighting in Europe. Our eye-catching integrated lighting enhances the sensation of speed, improves track visibility and safety and completely changes the atmosphere. 

About the track

The track area of 2.400 m2 has two key elements. The first is improved fluidity of the ground floor and the second is a multi-level feature that will ensure an unforgettable experience for the drivers. The positioning of other areas like the pit-lane, service area and hospitality area are set to allow an efficient entrance and exit for drivers.

Technical track data

  • Track length: 211 m
  • Ground floor length: 123 m
  • Multi-level Track length: 88 m
  • Track min. width: 6 m
  • Track max. width: 11 m
  • Estimated lap time: 20 s/lap
  • Track Capacity: up to 7 go-karts per track (total 8 go-karts)

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