As industry leaders, we’re always at the forefront of everything related to go-karting. This ensures that we provide our customers with the best-in-class services and offerings, enabling you to have a thriving and profitable go-kart business. We’re committed to constantly finding new ways to incorporate the latest design capabilities and technology.

That said, 360 Karting is thrilled to announce its inclusion of SPEED+ technology, one of the newest technologies for any go-kart arena. It is meant to bring the ultimate go-karting sensations while at the same time helping to make go-karting more enjoyable for everyone involved.

More speed – better physical experience – exceptional sensations!

This not only enables drivers to enjoy the track more, but also helps investors and operators generate excellent revenues.


Is your go-kart track alienating novice drivers?

When it comes to go-kart drivers, there are two distinct categories based on their driving experience. The first category is made up of experienced go-kart drivers who are skilled at accelerating and maintaining high speeds while driving within the ideal line throughout their entire session.

They’ve had enough practice to be able to properly handle all technical turns without hitting the bumpers and drastically losing their acceleration. This leads to a much more exhilarating experience and the ability to feel all the blood-pumping sensations behind the wheel. Guess what, though? Only around 7% of those driving in rental go-karting fall into this category!

The rest of the 93% don’t have this level of experience and are working up to it. For them, though, go-karting is really about the entertainment value. They like to enjoy it with friends and family or with colleagues after a long day at the office.

Unfortunately, this often means that they are novice drivers. Without being able to handle the go-karts optimally, they may experience constant deceleration, bumping into barriers, and struggling to navigate turns smoothly. While still enjoyable, this can leave many thinking that go-kart racing is not their ideal entertainment option due to the technical aspects involved.


That’s where SPEED+ technology comes

Our newest technology allows this vast majority of your customers to enjoy the ride as it was meant to be driven. It’s a technology that helps both experienced and new drivers but also helps with reaching the maximum audience possible for the ultimate driving experience. The technology allows for more speed, which elevates the drivers’ physical experience. A more enjoyable experience means more repeat customers. And more repeat customers means bigger revenues. And bigger revenues … well, you get it!


Making the natural forces work in your favor

Although brand new, SPEED+ technology comes from years of design and data points that are meant to enable the best possible driving experience on the go-kart track.

The technology features newly designed organically-shaped banked turns with an inclination that helps all go-kart drivers to tackle the turns at the highest speeds without having to nail the “ideal line”, which massively enhances the overall experience on the tracks.

How is all of this made possible? It’s thanks to mathematically developed and designed inclination turns that are fully optimized to help novice drivers navigate turns quickly and smoothly every time.

Our designs also take into account the lateral and vertical forces involved, resulting in tracks that are fun and safe for drivers of all skill levels. By harnessing the power of the natural forces, it makes them work for you, not against you.

SPEED+ technology ensures the safest ride possible while making everyone feel like a pro driver! This leads to a much more enjoyable experience, leading to repeat business, as drivers will confidently want to show off their skills and race their friends.



How it benefits the customers?

Regardless of their skill level, drivers will immediately start to feel like pro drivers. Because the design of the track is perfectly calculated, including every sequence, incline, and turn, it also leads to a smoother ride. Customers don’t want to feel like they’re playing bumper cars every time they enter a go-kart arena. They want to be able to race and get their heart rate up for a truly thrilling experience.

A smoother ride means building the confidence of drivers to go at higher speeds which can lead to adrenaline-pumping races even if they aren’t as skilled as the pros. Turns become opportunities to overtake your closest friends and colleagues and help to bring a heightened level of fun.

A smoother ride where people are becoming better go-kart drivers leads to a much more controllable environment that results in fewer interruptions and accidents on the track. This results in more high-speed laps taken and less time being frustrated with every upcoming turn that used to lead to hitting the railings.

With tracks that are easier for customers to handle and practice on, they’ll be able to spend more time there and see constant improvements with every session. This leads to more frequent visits and a better overall customer experience.

Without Speed+ Technology
With Speed+ Technology MAKING FORCES WORK FOR YOU!


How it helps operators who own and run the tracks?

As mentioned briefly above, there will be fewer interruptions on the track. But, of course, that’s exactly what you want when you’re operating your go-kart track. Fewer interruptions result in less damage to the  barrier system and go-karts. That, in turn, means less downtime and less need for repairs as well, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective operation.

You’ll achieve a better operational efficiency, leading to the ability to have more sessions happen in a day which leads to more people on the track and, thus, more sales.

You’ll also get a better rate of return for both experienced and new drivers on the track, as it’ll simply be more fun to drive on those tracks. As your driver base becomes more experienced and better at handling the track, you’ll start to see more repeat business.

That means more revenues faster. You’ll be able to see that your return-on-investment timetable gets shorter and shorter as the experience levels go up and the repeat business continues to elevate. It also means as an investor in a go-kart race track, you know you’re using the best technology that boosts customer satisfaction and reduces operational setbacks.

This way, you can focus on other aspects of your business and optimize them. This leads to indirect increases in all your revenue streams across your entire entertainment center.

Benefits for drivers Benefits for investors
👉🏻 Everyone feels like a pro driver 👉🏻 Less interruptions, less maintenance
👉🏻 Exceptional driving sensations 👉🏻 Maximized efficiency of operation
👉🏻 Fewer interruptions, more safety 👉🏻 Higher return rate
👉🏻 Long-term higher profits

Starting fresh or revamping your current track? Let’s get in touch!

If you’re looking for one of the most advanced go-kart track designs in the world, contact us to get access to the latest SPEED+ technology. With a mathematically designed course based on critical data, you can expect healthy sales and revenues beyond your initial expectations.

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