Your 2 options for the installation of your new go-kart track – Which do you pick?

You’ve finally come to the part where it’s time to handle the installation of your new go-kart track. You’ve received advice and seen the exact 3D renderings, and you already have a project plan and roadmap in place. 

Installation can happen in two different ways, depending on how hands-on you want to be and what your available resources look like.

There are clients that have either an entire installation team and infrastructure in place or the complete opposite, where this is their first setup, and they are starting from the very beginning. Whatever your current situation – the former, the latter, or anywhere in between – at 360K, we offer services that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

Let’s take a deeper look into our installation services to help you consider the best option for your needs.


Do you have a team and tools for installation at your disposal? Join forces with our expert supervisor and carry out the installation with your own resources!

With this option, we provide you with a 360K supervisor who’s an expert installer, project manager, communicator, and planner all in one.

You, on the other hand, provide your own skilled team of workers, equipment, and tools. Of course, before we get to that point, at 360K, we help you with the necessary information on what the setup would look like. This way, you have all the schematics and instructions at your disposal to help you install the track with your own team. 

However, you’re not on your own. Even though you have your own team, your workers will be under the constant supervision of our highly-experienced supervisor who will coordinate all the installation works at your location.

This option is best for you if you are looking to make the installation more affordable. You can repurpose existing staff, and utilize your own equipment, whether already purchased or needs to be rented for the duration of the installation. Those that will help with the installation, whether existing workers or third-party support, should be semi-skilled workers. That means they should have basic knowledge of how to use tools as well as be able to work with wood, metal, and concrete.

As mentioned, all the coordination, organization, and directions on how to install everything will still come from a dedicated supervisor provided by 360K. Should you decide on this option, you’ll be able to work with your own team while still getting the quality and expertise from 360K.

The supervisor is focused on getting your team and equipment ready to go and is dedicated to installing the course and everything around it based on the previously-approved design specifications.


Want to lay everything onto a skilled 360K team? Opt for the turnkey installation!

 If you want to avoid any worries and put the complete installation process into the hands of experts at 360K, you can opt for this end-to-end solution. 

By doing so, 360K provides not only an experienced supervisor but also a dedicated and experienced team of workers with expertise in installing these go-kart businesses. In addition, there’s no planning or organizing needed from the client other than a date range and a location for the installation to take place.

 360K also takes care of all the equipment, tools, and materials necessary to install everything correctly. With clients typically selecting this solution, it has shown that the experienced 360K team tends to be even up to 50% more efficient with the installation. This way, you are able to start operations that much faster. So while it may cost a bit more initially, it comes at a discount in the time needed to finish everything.

 On top of that, there’s a lot of preparatory work to be done before the installation. Certain works, such as handling the geodetic survey and shot blasting the floor to ensure it’s completely even throughout the space, need to be carried out before the installation starts. When you decide on turnkey installation, you also have the option for 360K to handle said work that needs to be handled beforehand.

Furthermore, 360K takes care of all the heavy equipment rental to ensure a smooth installation of the go-kart system.

Supervised installation Turnkey installation
Appointed 360K supervisor ✔️ ✔️
Detailed schematics and instructions for installation ✔️ ✔️
Supervision and coordination of the installation works ✔️ ✔️
Pre-installation preparation ✔️
Preparatory work before installation ✔️
Team of workers for installation ✔️
Tools for installation ✔️

What is the estimated timeframe and the minimum requirements to carry out the installation smoothly?

Estimated timeframes depend on the complexity of the installation. While we feel that many projects can be done with a single supervisor, we may include another one, depending on how complex the installation is, to help facilitate efficiency. 

The number of required workers is between six to ten, again ranging higher if the installation is more complex than intended. Regarding the number of days that the installation can take, you should prepare for anywhere between 20 and 45 days. 

Once the site is reviewed and the design is approved, then we can give a more accurate estimate of resources.


Who are 360K supervisors and why they are crucial for the smooth installation of your go-kart track?

With either installation option, you’ll get an appointed 360K supervisor who is a master of our product and has already completed several successful installation projects. 

They will be your guide, knowing exactly how to handle the installation while also knowing what could go wrong. In addition, they are the key coordinator of the works on your location as well as everything that happens in 360K offices during the installation phase and will always be aware of everything that’s going on.

They don’t just monitor the work process but also help with the installation’s planning phase and are with you every step of the way. In addition, they handle all the reporting needs for the client and the 360K team so that transparency is always ensured.

Not only do you get assurance of the quality and standards of a 360K installation being met, but the supervisors are also there to help you make all the hard decisions to get the process moving, day in and day out. If something happens, that’s not part of the plan, they are the ones responsible for coming up with solutions to any setback.

360K supervisors are meant to handle problems on the local level but are always ready to get back to the design and engineering teams when the task is a lot more complex than they are able to handle.

This critical player in your installation also helps to contribute to the future development of our product offering. With every installation, 360K supervisors also provide feedback and improvement ideas for what went well and what could be worked on. That’s why at 360K, no matter what option you go with, it will always include at least one of our supervisors to ensure that we are always working towards improving our services and the quality of our products.


The 10 phases of installation

360K has already been working with the client before installation, and this is simply the final step. At this point, we present the entire roadmap for installation and align the customer with what the overall undertaking will look like. Every step is discussed and presented with a list of milestones throughout the installation project. At 360K, we’re milestone focused and always aim to get the projects done on time and within budget. 

360K always recommends that all other construction is finished for the area where the installation will happen. For example, all lightwork, sprinkler systems, ventilation, and so on in the designated space should be finished so that installation can happen uninterrupted. 


Floor preparations to ensure an even floor throughout the space include conducting a geodetic survey and shot blasting, as well as carefully marking the position of columns and other elements.

Before the unloading of materials and components, a suitable storage area needs to be ensured. This way it won’t get damaged or affect the installation process.

Erecting the multi-level track structure.
Decking the multi-level track structure and ensuring smooth transitions between the multi-level track and ground floor.
Using custom hibond and plywood sheets for decking of the curved sections and ramps.

Installation of a spectators’ platform overlooking the go-kart track.
Finishing the decking of a spectator’s platform.

Track resin is a low-viscosity solvent-free water-based top coat.
Resin is applied in three layers, no more than 24 hours apart.

Absorption units (bumpers) are fixed to a support structure. On the multilevel track, these units are bolted to a “side rail” while on the ground floor, they are bolted to a bracket and anchored to the concrete floor.
There are two types of barriers, EXTRO-SLIM and FLEX SUPERSAFE.

Catwalk frames are positioned according to layout, assembled with bolts, and anchored to the concrete floor.
Once the electricians prepare the electrical conduit for chargers inside catwalks, they can be covered or need to be filled with concrete by a skilled contractor, depending on the catwalk type.

Floor decorations such as kerbs, run-off zones, starting grids, logos/stencils, track islands,… are done with 360K supervision.
In general, white lines are the first task when it comes to floor decorations and they should be done by a skilled contractor.
360K will provide you with all the tools and equipment needed to do the floor decorations.

There are many components that may or may not be a part of your go-kart track. The winners’ podium is one of the top 3 most popular accessories.
Another popular accessory, featured in most 360K arenas is a stylish helmet holder.

Equip your track with attractive-looking LED components to give it an even more inviting look.
LED lights outline the track perimeter, making the driving direction more visible which increases safety.

A final look at a finished and already functioning 360K go-kart track.
A final look at a finished track with gorgeous LED theming.
A view of a completed and functioning 360K go-kart track from the spectators’ platform.

After the installation is finished, your new go-kart track is ready to go. However, if you want your customers to keep returning, make sure the service you offer stays impeccable. But don’t worry, 360K will stay close even after the track is done with our hands-on long-term maintenance support.

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