Starting a go-kart business is no small venture. However, if you do it hand in hand with the experts at 360K, you can rest assured all of your wants and needs are taken into account and everything goes according to the tried and tested plan. 

After starting with business advising and planning, we’ve conducted the 3D laser scanning to make sure every centimeter of your location is accounted for. Furthermore, you’ve received the main design documents during the design and engineering phase. 


If you’re wondering how to keep it all in line and well organized, or if you are stressing about all the back and forth with 360K’s various departments, worry not. This is where your appointed 360K project manager comes into play!

A project manager is the one to whom you can unload all of your worries. They’ll stay on top of all the tasks, ease the burden of keeping everything in order and make sure all your needs are taken care of.

Besides all the rest, below are the 5 most important benefits of working with a skilled 360K project manager.


  • A single point of contact

To avoid having the same conversation with various departments or not knowing where to turn, lay it on your appointed 360K project manager. Let all your communication flow through them while they make sure the information goes where it’s supposed to in the shortest time possible.

All of our project managers are highly trained and have lots of expertise in the whole process. As soon as they get involved, they receive all the necessary information about your project. When they take over the organization, they come fully prepared, ensuring no holes in the communication. 

The 360K project manager knows exactly where to turn and who to contact to sort out every issue and fulfill every wish in no time. Be the one leading the communication on your side, or connect your own project manager, architect, designer, or general contractor with our project manager to minimize friction.


  • Staying on top of the work in 360K’s design and engineering departments

As said in the design and engineering article, your appointed 360K project manager enters the process during the detailed design stage. They coordinate all the necessary details, making sure not a single feature or element is left undetermined in this important phase. 

Your 360K project manager also stays on top of everything that happens on our side, so you don’t have to, and reports back to you with everything you should or want to know. This is crucial to successfully carry out the project as there aren’t any more changes possible once the detailed design is done and approved by both sides.

In the detailed design stage, the project manager coordinates all the details, such as:

  • the selection of the color chart so it plays well with your corporate identity,
  • the track layout in consideration with other services and elements such as HVACs andelectric circuits,
  • the correspondence between you and our experts to avoid miscommunication, 
  • and many more!

Once the project enters the engineering stage, the project manager acts as a link between you, the client, and our engineering department. They make sure to answer all your questions and offers further explanations.  

  • Beating the deadlines and keeping within your budget

To guarantee a finished project with no significant delays, good cooperation, quick decision-making, and regular correspondence are crucial. 

Besides staying on top of the tasks at our side, your appointed 360K project manager will also oversee the work at your location.

As someone with years of experience, they will help you avoid common issues and setbacks in advance, such as input data inaccuracy, last-minute changes or logistics issues, or help you solve them in no time in case they do happen.

They will coordinate the regulations and laws applicable to individual locations, such as the inspection of fire routes and the potential addition of crossings to the track if required by local law. 

During the procurement and logistics phase, your appointed project manager will oversee the procurement of components and their delivery to your address. They will be on top of all delivery dates and addresses as well as any special delivery requirements. In addition, your 360K project manager will make sure all the material is safely loaded onto the transportation and unloaded at your location.

  • Providing exact instructions to ensure a smooth installation ahead of time

Before the installation phase, the project manager will inform you of any crucial requirements for your location ahead of time, making it possible for you to set everything up without any last-minute adjustments.

As the components arrive at your location, you might need to prep the grounds, set everything up for unloading, provide temporary storage, etc. With enough time to get it done and detailed instructions from our project manager, you won’t have to stress about it or do it in a rush when the components are already at your venue.

Your appointed 360K project manager will be available for any questions and clarifications before the installation. This way you can rest assured everything is taken care of before the next big step – the installation of your new go-kart track.


Having a skilled project manager always at your disposal isn’t crucial only for the project to run smoothly, but also to help you clear your mind, avoid unwanted surprises, delays, and overspending, and be on top of things from start to finish!

Once your location is prepped accordingly and the components for your new go-kart arena are delivered, you’re ready to proceed with the installation phase.

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