Want to invest in the karting entertainment business and do not know where to start? Let us help you.

To make sure your karting business would be successful we gathered the frequently asked questions from our clients all over the world. Let us bring you a step closer to long-term success in the karting entertainment business.

    1. Do I need any prior experience in rental karting before starting my own business?
      To run a successful business any prior experience is welcome, but not essential. 360K will give you all the guidelines and know-how required. With more than 10 years of experience worldwide in the rental karting business, you will get an insight into the best practices in:
      • Management for rental karting
      • Best marketing practice in karting
      • Reception operation management
      • Drivers briefing program
      • Track marshal training
      • Karting school program
      • Racing program

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    2. What are the benefits of building an indoor/outdoor rental karting track?
      Benefits of an indoor karting track:
      • Weather independent
      • Year-round operation
      • Theme oriented facility (sound, lights effects, graphic design…)
      • Easier and cheaper to implement multiple track layout on the same area
      • Easier to create a cozy and safe environment for organizing corporate events and celebrations
      • Better suited for younger drivers
      • More efficient space usage
      • Possible revitalization of existing industrial buildings
      • Possibility to be located in an urban areaBenefits of an outdoor karting track:
      • The track can be designed bigger, longer, wider
      • Allows drivers to “easily” overtake others
      • More competition-oriented
      • Usually less paperwork

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    3. What is the minimum area required for starting a rental karting business?
      From our experience, some of the best running tracks are built on 3.500 to 5.000 sqm, while the minimum required area would be 1.200 sqm.
    4. What is the ideal length for a track to run a successful rental karting business?
      360 K’s advice is to have from 300 m (approx. 27 sec/lap) to 500 m (approx. 46 sec/lap).
      A shorter track will be easier to remember, allow more laps per session, while still offering a great driving experience. On the other hand, a longer track allows for more diversity of the track elements (e.g. banked semi-oval, fly over, multi-level track) and various corner types. All mentioned results in a greater client’s experience and satisfaction which is reflected in the customer return rate.
    5. I would like to run 10 go-karts per heat. What is the track length required?
      To ensure a high level of safety 360K suggests a track length between 250 and 300 linear meters (820 and 985 linear feet).

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