How will 360K guarantee your go-kart track perfectly fits your venue?

Ok, you’ve decided to get into the go-karting business, you’ve contacted  360K and we’ve helped you with the initial business advising and planning. You’ve got the Design Concept and you’re ready to proceed! So, what’s next?

Welcome to phase two, 3D laser scanning!

To make your new go-kart track fit like a glove inside your venue, precise measuring is crucial. And there is no better tool to conduct such measurements than a 3D laser scanner.

It’s a foundation for everything that comes next and it’s one of the most important phases in the track-building process. A detailed scan provides us with all the necessary characteristics of your venue and gives us a better understanding of the space and all its components we need to avoid or take into consideration when designing your track.

Besides avoiding overspending and prolonging the build, exact measurements are crucial for the track design that ensures maximized fluidity and drivers’ safety.

The only provider of 3D laser scan technology in the karting industry.


We make sure measurements of your venue are done faster, with higher accuracy, and at a lower cost. 3D laser scanning is the way to go!

Requirements for an average venue measurement for building a go-kart track

With a 3D laser scanner Without a 3D laser scanner
1 employee

2-3 hours of work

Up to 2mm accurate

No risk of worker injury

No need for a venue shutdown

2-6 employees

Up to 1 week of work

Prone to human error

Risk of falling, hard-to-reach places

Need to shut down and empty the venue

How does 3D laser scanning work?

The 3D laser scanner is a device that stands on its tripod and is operated by a single employee. By putting out millions of lasers from 30 different positions on average throughout the process of measuring, it creates highly accurate 3D renderings of your space. Using lasers, the system’s sensor cameras measure the change in the laser beam’s angle or thickness as it moves around the area. It records the time it takes for the laser beams to reflect back to the scanner.

Based on the millions of data points the scanner gets from the millions of laser beams it emits, it can produce detailed calculations of the spatial relationships between objects as well as the dimensions of the space it measures.

After it’s done measuring, the scanner collects millions of data points in what is called a “point cloud”. A point cloud is a dense group of 3D points and it recreates physical objects in a digital space that can be viewed and modified on a computer.

Once uploaded on a computer, our highly-skilled employees are able to stitch all the measurements together and form an accurate 3D representation of your space, using specially designed software.

Point clouds not only contain information about an object’s location but also provide us with all the other information, from colors to reflectivity.

When we have the 3D render of your venue, our team will place the designed layout of the track into the model and thoroughly check if the track fits perfectly. And, you will get the first impression of the track at your venue!


The benefits of using a 3D laser scanner

Conduct a perfect measurement on the first try and avoid location revisiting

In the long run, no human can compete with a machine that’s programmed for maximum accuracy. And when conducting measurements for your new go-kart arena, there’s no space for human error. Every centimeter/inch counts while mistakes can result in catastrophic outcomes.

Additionally, inaccurate measurements require multiple visits which cause additional expenses. Man-hours, equipment rentals, additional tools and/or materials, and other inconveniences add up quickly, delaying your project and increasing your total cost.

Using a 3D laser scanner, you minimize the risk of such occurrences and improve coordination with the design team that’s often hundreds or thousands of kilometers/miles away from your venue.


Have it done in no time and pay less while you’re at it

By capturing millions of data points per second, a laser scanner can do in 1 day what would take a team of 2-6 workers up to one week using the conventional survey and measurement practices.

So, if the time on-site decreases, so do the costs. As mentioned above, by using a 3D laser scanner, you can avoid revisits due to faulty or incomplete measurements and you can cut the time and the cost by up to 75 %.


Identify inconsistencies between the blueprints and the actual space

Even though you provide us with the blueprints of the space where you want to build your new go-kart arena, additional measurements are crucial. Based on previous experience, we know there are often inconsistencies between what’s on the blueprints and what’s actually in your space.

HVAC systems, lighting installations, sprinkler installations, and other elements that may not be included in the building’s initial blueprints are crucial to consider when planning and designing your go-kart track. 3D laser scanning allows us to reverse engineer your space to find any inconsistencies and create the most accurate 3D track engineering process on the first try.

The employees in our design and engineering department design the track and fit it inside the 3D model of your space. By doing so, they can predict potential collisions with various elements: HVACs, walls, pillars, shafts, etc. Once they encounter a potential collision, they’ll recommend the easiest solution.

When placing the track model into the 3D scan of the location, we identified collisions with the building’s HVAC system. The system was moved prior to the start of the track installation.


Inconsistencies between the input data provided by the client and the as-build situation on site: The beams and columns were not accurately marked, and the prepared design collided with the building. With 3D laser scanning, the collision was detected, and we adapted the design of the track accordingly.


Maximize the use of space, minimize potential danger and get a track that fits your venue perfectly

By tailoring the design of your new track to fit the space perfectly, you can make the most out of your arena.

Make sure your track is fluid and enables your customers to race with optimized speed. This way, they’ll have the time of their lives and they’ll want to return time after time to beat their personal records!

Besides ensuring the best possible racing experience for your visitors, the 3D laser scanning allows us to design the safest track possible. As the difference between a fun ride and a collision could come down to centimeters/inches, it is crucial to measure the venue perfectly, so we can use every part of the area available to design the track with maximized safety.


No need to shut down an operating venue or clear the space

When conducting measurements with conventional measurement practices, workers need your venue to be closed to the public and as empty as possible. Therefore, if you have an existing and functioning family entertainment center or mall, you’ll have to close it, give up to a week’s worth of traffic and revenue and make enough room so workers can reach every centimeter/inch of the venue.

With the 3D laser scanner, you can leave it as it is. Our employees can conduct a scan in a working environment without shutting it down and emptying the space. Our team can later delete the elements that don’t belong in the 3D render.

Top left: 3D laser scan of an existing go-kart track that needed to be upgraded with 360K solutions. Top right: merging the scan of the existing track with a new 360K design. The new position of the barrier system is clearly seen.


Additional benefits of using a 3D laser scanner

  • We can scan the outer side of your venue to measure the unloading area. This way you can predict and avoid any issues with the unloading of the materials for your new track, streamlining the process, and shortening the timeline of the project.
  • If you’re building an outdoor arena, we can scan the ground and see any inconsistencies in the height of the surface. By doing so, we can level the construction early on so there are no surprises in the future stages of building your go-kart track.
  • You can use the 3D scan even after your go-kart track is done. Want to make changes? Interested in adding other attractions to maximize and diversify your revenue? Use the most accurate scan available to cut costs and speed up the process!

After the 3D laser scan is done and our team has prepared the 3D Design concept, merged into the scanned venue, this concludes phase two of building your new go-kart track: 3D laser scanning.


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