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To make sure your karting business would be successful we gathered the frequently asked questions from our clients all over the world. Let us bring you a step closer to long-term success in the karting entertainment business.

    1. How is the track layout related to my target audience?
      Depending on the target audience the track can be adapted to the level of the client’s skills and expectations (to have fun, to race, to experience the thrill on multi-level track). However, there are compromises to be made to ensure most of the customers will be able to drive a certain layout safely. For example, if you expect skilled drivers the track can be made more technical. A track for less-skilled drivers should be more fluid and fun, etc. You can read more about different track designs here.
    2. What should I consider in my budget to fully equip a rental karting venue/facility?
      360 Karting will provide you fully equipped karting track, which includes:
      Safety barrier system (including anchoring and absorption system)
      Multi-level track structures
      Pit-area equipment
      Track accessories
      Floor coatingUpon request 360K can provide also:• Timing system,
      • Go-kart fleet,
      • Driver’s equipment,
      • Business operation program (management, marketing, drivers briefing, staff training, etc.)

      Please note, that non-track-related operations (e.g. construction work, electricity, fire safety, wi-fi) are not included in the 360K scope of work but have to be considered by the client.

    3. What do I get with the 360K turn-key solution?
      360 Karting offers 6 different levels of services, which start from the simplest components supply all the way to a complete karting project. Depending on the client’s experience and needs 360K will advise the best solution for you.
    4. What are the benefits of multi-level tracks?
      360 Karting is the market leader in multi-level track structures. We provide solutions for indoor and outdoor karting tracks and are the only provider of the spiral ramp. The many advantages of a multi-level track solution are:
      • Ensure the ultimate driving experience
      • Allows for a high client return rate
      • Stand out from the competition
      • Better usage of the area available per sqm or sq. ft
      • Improves the track capacity and revenue potential
      • Easily dry-assembled
      • Possible to relocate
    5. How do I improve the life span of my track?
      360K solutions enable you to maximize the life span of your future karting business by:
      • Providing the safest karting environment possible (top-rated barrier system, signalization solutions, staff training…)
      • Providing an ultimate track design
      • Offering track modularity (rapid track layout change)
      • Including multi-level structures
      • Optimizing the operational processes with the 360K know-how
      For an existing karting track 360K offers multiple possible improvements:• Updating your barrier system
      • Redesigning your current track layout
      • Adding new features with the addition of a multi-level structure
      • Adding different track accessories
      • Optimizing the operational processes with the 360K know-how
    6. Can an overpass module be fitted to any kind of existing tracks?
      360K has developed various modules that can be combined in countless ways. The only requirement for safety reasons is the minimum clear height of 4,5m (15 ft) although some features allow for a lower clear height. 360K will evaluate the possibility to include a multi-level structure to your track based on your current layout (pdf or dwg file).
    7. How do electric go-karts perform on 360K multi-level track structures?
      During the development of the multi-level structures, 360K considered all the key parameters (e.g. transitions, inclinations, grip, etc.) and the specifics of both, electric and petrol go-karts to ensure optimal performance.
    8. What is the expected lead time for a complete turnkey project?
      During the communication phase, 360K will check the availability of the Project Execution Slot (project lead time) according to your planned track opening. After the slot reservation with a partial down payment, 360K guarantees the agreed project timeline.
      Depending on the scale, complexity, and distance between client and production plant the project time may vary from 2 to 4 months. For very large and complex projects the lead time is estimated upon the Concept Design completion.
    9. What are the arrangements for after-sales support?
      360K has developed various levels of the Business Operations Program. Depending on the client’s experience and needs 360K will advise the best solution for you.
    10. Is there any special permission or license required for setting up a Kart racing arena?
      You need an operating license, but every country has different requirements and regulations. According to our experience, other permissions and regulations not directly related to the karting business may be required in your local area, so 360K advises you to contact the local authorities in the earliest stages of the project.

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