Are you struggling which track type to choose? There are some slight differences between both and, like all things in the world, each has its own set of pros and cons.

Advantages of indoor karting track:

  1. The main differences between an indoor and outdoor track are climatic conditions. Too cold or even too hot weather can have a huge impact on your karting business. Thanks to the enclosed environment, indoor karting is weather-independent and allows year-round business. You will never have to cancel a reservation.
  2. Indoor tracks are more technical. Driving skills are more important than raw power when it comes to indoor driving. Usually, it is more difficult to overtake because of the narrow tracks, while corners and multi-level track structures are more thrilling and challenging.
  3. Indoor tracks offer more drifting opportunities. The surface usually offers more skidding, sliding, tight cornering, and technical driving.
  4. More safety. Indoor karting tracks take place usually in smaller areas compared to outdoor karting. That’s why it is more controlled and safer.
  5. Suitable for new karting enthusiasts. In the past karting tracks were dark, dirty spots, placed in abandoned industrial warehouses. Today they are shiny, entertainment facilities, with offer diversity for all generations. That’s why the potential of enthusiasts, who want to start getting involved in the indoor karting scene, is growing. Especially between the younger generation.
  6. Location. Usually, indoor karting tracks require less surface area, that’s why it is easier to place them in urban areas. Better location means also more visitors and a higher customer return rate.
  7. Countless multi-level track structure solutions ensure more efficient space usage. Building a second or even the third floor on a racetrack improves long-term track attractiveness and guarantees an adrenaline rush for drivers.
  8. The technology boom reflects also in the karting industry. Today’s indoor karting tracks stand out with different effects such as LED theming and sound shows, different theme styles and atmospheres, stunning hospitality areas, etc. Such cozy environments are perfect for organizing different corporate events, team buildings, and celebrations.

Advantages of outdoor karting track:

  1. Bigger, longer, wider. Outdoor tracks tend to be longer, have longer straights, and wider overtaking sections.
  2. Higher speeds. Outdoor kart tracks are larger and more spacious. This leads to higher top speeds, compared to indoor karting.
  3. More realistic driving experience. With enough space for drivers to maneuver, overtake and increase speed, outdoor karting is a great option for those thrill-seekers looking for an exciting but more authentic go-karting experience.
  4. More competition-oriented. With the ability to race face to face and easily overtake, the outdoor tracks are more appropriate for professional and semi-professional drivers. Professionals are using these tracks to train for championships and improve their driving technique for a further career in motorsport.