Whether you’re considering adding a go-kart track to an existing entertainment center or making it the main attraction, the first thing you do is probably a well-conducted research.

The best way of showcasing what your overall options look like is by taking a thorough look into the process of building and designing the largest go-kart track in the world. Continue reading to discover how we successfully completed our most significant project to date and why our highly skilled team of professionals at 360 Karting is more than capable of managing such a project with ease.

Back in 2019, we had a client request for us to build out a go-kart track that ended up being the largest in the world, located in Wrentham, MA. It was a behemoth of a project, with a complex design and great ambition from the clients, but we’re proud to say we exceeded their expectations.

Of course, what usually happens with happy clients? They want you to do another seemingly impossible project: make an even larger go-kart track in another location, Supercharged Entertainment New Jersey! We said we were up for the challenge and started building out a new concept that would end up being almost one-third bigger than the Wrentham Track.

The site of the location was perfect as it was on 16 acres of land, with the overall space being 131,000 square feet. Moreover, it was in Edison, New Jersey, making it easily accessible to visitors from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, each of which has a large population of potential target customers.

Besides sporting our state-of-the-art track, the space has been designed to be a complete entertainment center fielding 19-axe throwing lanes, VR experiences, bionic bumper cars, a Drop & Twist tower, and two floors dedicated to arcade machines alone. All of this is rounded out with a place to unwind and grab some delicious food and drinks.

This has solidified Supercharged Entertainment NJ to be an entertainment destination fun for everyone, from families to corporate outings.

More than half of the space is dedicated to the indoor multi-level track, which has now become the largest go-kart track in the world, only beating out the previous one we constructed. It’s built on 80,000 square feet and is truly unique in construction, design, and layout.


How we designed it

We took a deep look into the space itself. It turned out to be the perfect fit for many reasons. 

To begin with, the client constructed the entire venue from the ground up with the specific intention of creating the largest go-kart track in the world. This provided our designers with ample creative freedom to develop an exceptional track design. As the client had previously built a similar facility, they possessed prior knowledge and were aware of the necessary building requirements.

Secondly, we noticed that the area had high ceilings with a gable roof design which was a big plus in how we would proceed with the design. In addition, it was an open floor plan meaning no support columns or anything else that would obstruct the construction of the go-kart track.

Empty building.

We needed at least 7.5 meters of clear height, which was doable, so we ended up constructing two multi-level tracks that rise up to 3 levels. The tracks could be driven separately or combined into one super track! This awesome track’s total size is 3,395 feet (1035m). 

The two tracks allow for up to 45 go-karts to be racing simultaneously, and just one super track lap will have 25 different elevation changes. To complete one lap on the super track can take around 2 minutes alone!

To be able to switch between one super track or two separate tracks only requires repositioning the barrier system, making the switch able to be done by track marshals with ease. But, of course, it is all subject to the clientele and what makes the most sense.

Regardless of what track you’re on, there are going to be blue side rails throughout, but the way to tell the difference is through the red and blue floor coating colors.


How we optimized the driving experience

Part of developing this super-track concept was to ensure that it stayed interesting and varied enough to make sure each lap was as enjoyable as possible. Each corner and turn needs to feel different from the last; otherwise, it becomes monotonous and simply not fun very quickly. 

We take pride in how extensively the driving experience is considered in the design. That means it’s always fun, no matter how small or big the track is.

With this focus on design, we have been able to deliver fantastic results. We’ve designed two separate tracks that have their own unique driving experience, such as hairpins, spiral ramps, flyovers, and banked turns. And when the two tracks are combined into one super track, the experience only expands.

Spatially it can give the impression of being lost in a labyrinth or exploring the unknown, meaning each ride can feel like a completely new experience, and you’ll discover something else about it on each go. This helps retain go-kart drivers who will never get bored.

Our animation

Drone footage of the finished track

From flyovers to banked turns: a look at the Red and Blue tracks

We name each track based on the floor coloring, meaning track 1 is the blue track, and track 2 is the red track. First, let’s look at each track’s key highlights.

Blue Track

Here you’ll put your go-karting skills to the test. There are a series of three banked semi-ovals, which also end up being the highest point of the entire track. By the time you’re on the third and final level, you’ll easily be going up and down six feet three times sequentially. That means thrilling feelings of compression and fast acceleration on the descent. The track, of course, has an excellent grip to maintain traction that ensures fun and safety.


Red Track

You will quickly notice just how amazing and attractive the flyover is. First, you head down a ramp that helps you get the necessary speed, and then you approach the flyover. When you hit that flyover, it’s akin to rollercoaster dynamics and elements. The driver gets that feeling of zero-gravity intensity. All of this finishes with a U-turn at the end.



Features on both tracks

Both tracks come with a banked semi-oval, providing both something pleasing to look at that’s also functional. This is only possible when there’s enough space and height available. It allows going under the semi-oval and then rushing and racing back on top of it.

The red track, or track 2, can have a total of 21 go-karts per session. Track 1, or the blue track, has a slightly higher capacity at 24 go-karts per session. And yes, if you’re already thinking it – when both tracks are combined into the super track, then the maximum also goes up all the way to 45-go-karts at the same time! The entertainment center has around 80 go-karts in its pit area, meaning a functioning go-kart is always available.

Another unique item of note for both tracks is that it really is suitable for all demographics and age groups, as well as any experience level from first-timers to advanced levels. In addition, the track is wider than most normal tracks by about a meter which helps with safety while also helping for a better driving experience of taking over the position.

While this track doesn’t have it, there is an option to get LED lighting, which could add a different dimension and ambiance, providing yet another enhanced level of entertainment for those on the track and those watching.


Not a fan of racing? It’s also fun to watch!

Even though the tracks are suitable for anyone and there is a plethora of fun activities available, some visitors prefer to relax and just view the action. For those, there’s a mezzanine level that allows spectators to gather. This mezzanine provides a magnificent view of the entire track, slightly raised above it. 

Although this doesn’t happen often, the client adapted its design to our layout, not the other way around. They made sure the mezzanine fits snugly between our multi-level construction and above the pit area.


A great return on investment (ROI)

We’ve noticed that with this latest track, we’ve developed for Supercharged Entertainment NJ, the ROI is quite fast. A typical round lasts about 7 minutes, meaning many rounds are possible in the day. We’ve also noticed that at the current capacity level, it’s bringing in quite healthy revenues, on top of all the other entertainment the center provides.

This place is spectacular. We’ve been working with 360 Karting for the whole time. They do what they say and they say what they do. It’s been our pleasure and can’t wait to grow with them.

– Steve Sangermano, owner of Supercharged Entertainment NJ

At 360K, we’re immensely proud of the track at Supercharged Entertainment in NJ. It’s both amazing to look at as well as heaps of fun to race. Be sure to pay a visit if you’re ever in the area. You won’t forget it soon!

Should you be interested in your own go-karting track, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. With a solid foundation and transparent communication, (nearly) anything is possible!

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