How we achieve your visitors will have the time of their life on your go-kart track!

After the initial business advising and planning and the 3D laser scanning, you’re now ready for the next phase – design and engineering. This phase actually starts even before the 3D laser scanning takes place. However, since the majority of it is done after the scan, it’s usually treated as the third phase in our go-kart track-building process.

What sets us apart from others in this stage is the personal approach and the co-creation of the project together with the client. We want your feedback so that we can leave no stone unturned and meet your expectations. We even offer live drafting of the design with our skilled designers (more on that below).

In order to ensure the best possible experience for your vistiors, we focus strongly on their driving and non-driving experience. And since a happy customer is a repeat customer, we follow the 4 main goals to make sure they have the time of their life from the moment they step through your door to the moment they leave.

To minimize setbacks during the installation, the design and engineering phase consists of the 3 stages and yields 3 crucial documents: design concept, detailed design, and design for execution. But first, to see what’s in it for you, a word about 360K’s design philosophy.

360 Karting’s Experience Design

360K’s designers’ main vision is to design a track according to your vision and our technological standards. To make sure everything in your location fits like a glove, looks good, and attracts customers, a lot of know-how is needed. Being one of the leading go-kart track providers, our team can back up its reputation with superb skills, tons of experience all over the world, and an unmatched level of execution.

No matter the shape and the size of your area, we will not only design the perfect go-kart track but also help you with the integration of other attractions that will help maximize your revenue by enticing your visitors to return over and over again.

By focusing on your target audience, our design team will find a way to offer your customers exactly what they’re looking for, boosting their satisfaction without forcing you to overspend for things you don’t need. Due to rigorous attention to detail and the fact that no two venues are alike, each 360K project is 100% custom and one-of-a-kind.


4 secrets explained: Make profits by focusing on maximizing the driving and non-driving experience

The success rate of your arena comes down to acquiring new customers as well as retaining old ones. To do so successfully, you need to pay extra attention to their whole experience, both driving and non-driving.

1. Make sure everyone feels like a pro racer

When the sequences of turns are perfectly calculated, every racer, regardless of their driving skills, will enjoy a fluid ride with exciting feelings of speed.

2. Ensure exceptional driving sensations

Throughout the track, racers will enjoy unforgettable lateral and vertical forces thanks to strategically placed turns and elevation changes. The sensations are similar to the ones you experience on rollercoasters, with the added bonus of the control racers have over their driving.

3. Guarantee adrenaline boosts from start to finish

Turns and other elements need to happen often enough to spice up the experience, but not so often that they “kill” the fluidity of the track. At 360K, our personal belief is that an experience element has to happen every 2 seconds on the track for the driver to enjoy it from start to finish.

4. Aim to WOW your visitors

An attractive track that looks just as amazing as it feels will have a huge wow effect on your visitors. Even if they’re not the ones racing it, strategically placed viewing platforms invite them to watch and marvel at your state-of-the-art go-kart track, equipped with the latest technology, attractive LED components, and eye-catching design. Racers waiting in line will be bursting with excitement for their turn to ride the smooth turns and multi-level elements.


Besides the KIDS tracks, we divide our track layouts into two other categories, each aimed at its target audience – FUN and THRILL.


The FUN track is designed for the average customer, yet still exciting enough for more experienced drivers. The right mix of relaxing turns and multi-level sections ensures a fun experience for young beginning racers as well as older, more experienced ones. While it’s amazing on its own, it plays well with complementary attractions such as trampolines, soft playgrounds, ninja courses, rope courses, bumper cars, VR, etc., making it ideal for juniors and families.


The THRILL track layout is designed for a more demanding customer. Competitive and thrill-seeking drivers will enjoy more technical and challenging sequences of turns. With the addition of enticing elevation changes, the search for the ideal driving trajectory becomes even more exciting, making them return time after time. The unique track system is perfect for integration with other complementary attractions, such as laser tag, bowling, axe throwing, etc., making it ideal for adult groups and corporate events.

A perfect blend of all

To cater to the widest target audience possible, you can decide to join the two (or even three) types of tracks into one huge go-kart track with sections of KIDS, FUN, and THRILL turns and elements. You can decide to close some sections off to get separate tracks or combine them into a mega-track!


Now, let’s get to know the three stages of the design and engineering phase of building a go-kart track.


Design concept

The design concept is made even before we scan your location with the 3D laser scanner and it’s the first customized design concept for your new go-kart track. The foundation for it is the technical input data that you have provided us, including a floorplan, section view, entrance point, etc. 

We need to understand your target audience, other attractions near the track, the timeline of the projects, and other crucial information we get from you in the first phase – business advising and planning.

The main goal of the design concept stage is concept definition and a complete understanding of the client’s vision. Taking into account the input data and the client’s vision, as well as the driving and non-driving experience, our designers can start designing your go-kart track.

The driving experience has to be tailor-made for your target audience so you can meet or even exceed their expectations. You need to guarantee that every visitor feels like a pro driver, ensuring exceptional driving sensations with adrenaline boosts from start to finish. In addition to that, your go-kart track will have the WOW effect on your visitors as soon as they enter through the gate into your venue.

As written above, we guarantee an unparalleled driving experience by carefully calculating the sequences of turns, thus achieving a fluid ride for every visitor regardless of their driving skills. With strong lateral and vertical forces, your visitors will experience the “rollercoaster feeling” with thrilling sensations every 2 seconds.

This way, your visitors will have an unforgettable experience, even if they ride your track over and over again. And with a track that ensures new surprises and excitement levels with each new ride, they’re bound to return and try to beat their (or their friends’) personal bests!

The level of detail includes the reproduction of your location in a 3D model, the defined program scheme, and the track layout carefully incorporated into the building. Throughout all this, we’re keeping in mind the optimal operational efficiency for your business. 

Once our designers create the design concept of your new track, you’ll get a booklet or a PDF document containing the project brief, technical data, renderings with experience descriptions, floorplan, section views, colour chart, and a design overview.

When it comes to design, we have a proprietary library of track components, ensuring the highest level of detail as it is the result of years of experience and research in the field of rental go-kart tracks. Working in the BIM environment, we can guarantee a smooth process from the concept to the execution. 

The content gets fine-tuned with your cooperation until you are fully satisfied with the proposal. Once you approve the design concept, we’ll move to the next stage of the design phase – a detailed design.


Want to do it together?

We offer the option of live drafting together with the client. Should you be interested in this option, we can conduct the live drafting in our headquarters or arrange a visit with our designer at yours.

Detailed design

After the design concept has been created and before our designers start working on the detailed design, it’s crucial to conduct the 3D laser scanning. This way, we’ll have the most accurate measurements, making sure that the design will fit perfectly into your location. 

Furthermore, this is the stage, where you’ll get an accurate visual representation of your track with the color chart, LED theming, and all the other visual elements incorporated in the design.

In addition to that, it is at this stage that we’ll carefully review the trajectory of your new track and maximize the safety in each individual turn. 

In short, the main goal of the detailed design stage is the definition of all details that need to be taken into consideration within the execution stage. It guarantees there are no inconsistencies between your vision and our detailed design.

Detailed design
Detailed design
Detailed design
Design concept
Design concept

The level of detail includes the optimized driving experience with defined widths and corners, all the necessary multi-level track information, additional 360K components positioned, the defined barrier system, implemented LED components, pit area equipment & floor coating, and everything else needed to proceed to the last stage of this phase.

At this point, we’ll ask you to involve your personal project manager, who will work closely together with the assigned project manager from our team. Equipped with tons of knowledge and experience, our project manager will be able to lead the execution stage as well as the entire installation process from start to finish.

Once our designers create the detailed design of your new track, you’ll get a booklet or a PDF document containing the technical data, floorplan, egress paths, ideal driving trajectory, section view with highlighted outstanding clearances, renderings, custom-designed solutions, and the colour chart form.

In order to proceed to the next stage of this phase, you have to approve the detailed design document and confirm all the changes as it won’t change again. Once you’ve approved it, we can move on to the last stage, design for execution.

Detailed design
Detailed design
Detailed design
Design concept
Design concept


Design for execution

This is the last stage of the design and engineering phase. We prepare all needed engineering models and documents for smooth and simple procurement, manufacturing, and installation. This way, we can ensure every last component will be successfully sent to your location and properly put together up to the last screw. Additionally, this guarantees smooth after-sales support as we’ll have detailed knowledge about where each component was installed on your track.

  • Procurement and Manufacturing documents: executional models and finalized project bill of materials 
  • Installation documents: finalized blueprints & documentation for installation so the team can be well-oriented and conduct the installation as smoothly as possible

The level of detail includes a fully engineered and equipped track model (BIM) with all 360K components, along with custom-engineered elements and the complete static calculation. All of the above forms the execution set of documentation for installation. 

After the 3 stages are over and all the design documents have been created and confirmed, this concludes phase three of building your new go-kart track: design and engineering. 

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