Attractive track design and entertaining atmosphere are the key ingredients to create a successful karting business.

Rental karting project usually starts as a result of an entrepreneurial decision. This decision is very often twisted with a lot of enthusiasm but also with lack of experience required.

It is important to learn a proven business model from the very beginning to avoid failure. After many detailed analysis of various business models, 360K has discovered crucial factors of success in this business. These factors can increase your possibilities for reaching the full potential of your project. We are glad to have the opportunity to share them with you.

Benefits of concept design service

Brings clarity to your future karting business.

Presents your project to investors, future clients and authorities.

Minimizes typical project risks and leads to management with peace of mind.

Concept design steps

01. On site inspection

Initial project assessment of suitability and compliance of the project with typical requirements for rental karting facilities.

02. Rental karting track layout design

360 Karting track design will ensure the accordance with good proven practices in this field.

03. Business guidelines and proven practices

Did you know there are only 6 factors in rental karting business, which represent over 85% of reasons for business failure. We will show you how to avoid them.

04. Set of engineering files

At this point your vision will become tangible for the first time.

05. 3D scale model

360K track design, graphic creations and other technical solutions will be defined in a set of engineering files.

06. Graphic & promo solution for your business

Good design is the key factor in creating your costumer’s opinion about you. It impacts their decision on visiting your karting track.

07. 2 or 4 day technical and business workshops with 360K experts

Customized set of training and co-working events at 360 Karting. Please contact us for additional details.

VKI VIcenza Kart Indoor

"Our clients love multilevel track. 360 Karting’s overpass modules are great investment. We add additional modules each year and expand our indoor track. This year we will build even a third floor."

Matteo Zanettin, VKI Vicenza, Italy

CIK-FIA Safety Board

"360 Karting's barrier solutions are the most innovative, flexible and safe I had seen in this industry."

Domen Jerancic, Member of the CIK-FIA Safety board

Top fuel Milano

"Bringing comprehensive business models to rental karting is a great opportunity for inverstors and their future clients - rental karting drivers."

​Giovanni Vincenzi, Top Fuel karting Milano, Italy