Once we’ve completed installation, your new go-kart business will finally be up and running. However, that doesn’t mean you’re now on your own. While that can be possible if it’s what you want, we like to treat our clients as partners for the long term. We want you fully satisfied with your go-kart installation and track setup and keep that business thriving for as long as you see fit.

 With that said, we offer full long-term maintenance and support that allows us to be your counselors and advisors, assist your mechanics and repair team by providing the right components, while also working with you whenever you need refreshing and refurbishing.

Ongoing general support and advice

First and foremost, we are always ready to hop on a call with you and discuss any issues or questions you have about your go-kart track. If you need advice on how to handle something, whether it’s a minor repair or you’re considering doing a touch-up job yourself, feel free to reach out, and we’ll have a solution and answers ready for you.


We have just the parts you need always ready to go 

We’ve built several go-kart tracks in our lifetime, and no matter how much we want them to last forever, some parts, most affected by heavy use, will start to wear down, and the time will come to make a replacement. Sometimes it can be a simple piece that you and your team can do, and sometimes we recommend getting us out there and helping guide you through the repair.

Regardless, we know which parts will most likely need to be replaced sooner than later, and we always do our best to have the necessary spare parts in our own stock ready to go. That means not only do we sort you out with an installation, but we can become your aftermarket supply and parts store to get you just the items you need, avoid potential shipping time, and get your track safe and running before you know it. This will cut time for potential emergency resolving, making sure there’s no downtime that could cause major revenue drops. 

Checking in from time to time

We believe that the only way to actually have things going right all the time is to do regular track check-ups. This will allow us to ensure that the track is always in the best and safest condition to be used.

This check-up also allows us to see if any problems start building up anywhere on the track or with the installation. Therefore you can get a fast repair and maintenance done on the track before it grows into a much larger, more time-consuming, and more dangerous repair situation. 

Should you require a refreshment or refurbishing, we’ll be there to help you sort it out and make the track as good as new in no time. How it works? Read on to find out!


Initial inspection for a quick diagnosis that saves you time and money

It all starts out with a remote video inspection of the track. We connect you with one of our expert consultants to visually inspect the entire track and mark the critical areas where it may be best to do a maintenance restoration.

While inspecting your track, our consultants are also looking specifically at the following:

  • The floor coating and its current condition
  • Ensuring the barrier system is fully functional
  • Multi-level elements and the integrity of their structure

 Since we have a lot of experience in understanding how smooth operations look, we dive in and ask our clients what the current standard operating procedure is. For example, are there delays between sessions due to an inefficient operational procedure? Are there delays in customers entering/exiting the go-karts? If so, we look into it with you and work on offering solutions and advice on what you can be doing to get more sessions happening and, thus, increase profitability.

If we notice extensive barrier collisions in the earlier days, we may even recommend minor adjustments and remodels to make the track simpler for drivers. It may be due to inexperienced people enjoying go-karts for the first time, but rounding out turns and making other minor adjustments can help ensure an optimal experience for you and your customers.


Providing solutions based on the findings that will optimize your operations

Once we get a better understanding from our initial review and inspection, we’ll be able to provide the other part of our long-term maintenance solution, which is major renovations, refurbishments, and upgrades. In a conversation with a consultant highlighting current operations and potential problems, we will try to advise you on how to resolve matters. Of course, if we have any new upgrades and new solutions we’ve developed or discovered in the meantime, we will suggest upgrading and optimizing to improve the overall quality of your track’s racing experience.

As an example, please check out the two areas we were able to optimize by regularly taking a closer look at how they work – pit gates and floor coatings.

Pit Gates

This key safety feature should be included with any track installation and regularly upgraded with the newer models we’ve designed as it maximizes the safety of your customers as well as your track operators during the racing sessions.

Utilizing the years of experience we’ve built up from so many installations, we’ve created some amazing new options for pit gates that have eliminated any issues our clients might have had in the past. We’ve been able to improve the whole operation by installing these new barrier doors to and from the pit area. 

The latest version of our pit gates is lighter and thinner than the previous ones and has a much smoother design that we can incorporate into old and new installations. It also helps better protect the flooring as there’s less scuffing and damage to the floor coating.


The evolution of our pit gates solution.


Our latest version of pit gates – lighter, thinner, causing less scuffing and damage to the floor coating. 👇🏼

Floor Coating

We strive for perfection with our floor coating during installation by selecting the best option for you; that’s the right combination of efficiency, safety, and fun for your customers as well. You’ll need to refresh your coating once it wears out, especially on the parts that are most affected by heavy usage.

Most likely, go-kart tracks use one of the three most common types of coatings, which all start out great but can cause issues after some time:

  • Concrete – too much driving actually smooths out the concrete, making it feel like you’re racing around an ice skating rink – very dangerous and expensive to replace.
  • Asphalt – a better option, but over years of patchwork, it looks terrible, and with the wrong application, it will simply crack sooner and need more maintenance.
  • Epoxy Paint – A coating that was one of the industry’s best options for a long time but will eventually succumb too much to moisture and dirt. It will be the best option for maximizing traction but could cause issues when the go-kart slips (the slip-grip-slip-grip effect).

We’ve recently started using a much better resin-based product with a matte finish that we would recommend easily. It’s much safer for those slips as it reduces speed and allows drifting. It’s also much easier when it comes time for maintenance and touch-ups. It’s a perfect solution for both indoors and outdoors.

Left: Start gradually – we coated the spiral ramp first, leaving the asphalt on the ground floor to be replaced later.

Right: 360K’s new matte floor coating – better safety, easier to take care of and better to look at, which will invite customers to try it out!


Preparing a custom offer to avoid overspending on things you don’t need

After taking a look at everything, we prepare a custom offer of what we recommend you will need to keep your go-kart business running smoothly without any traffic loss. 

We send you nothing but the necessary components and discuss the scope of work. If there are minor adjustments and maintenance to be done, such as replacing the worn-out barrier or absorber unit, your team can take care of it. However, we can always send our specialists to your location to conduct bigger touch-ups, such as recoating the floor.


Long-term maintenance down the line keeps your business running as smoothly as a well-oiled go-kart!

Everything we do after installation is all about keeping your operations running smoothly and ensuring that the quality of our installation is impeccable. 

A well-maintained track is key to the smooth operations of your new go-kart track. At 360K, we are at your side even after the installation has been done and you’re track is up and running. With tons of experience and regular checkups, our specialists will promptly sort out any issues that may turn into major inconveniences down the line if not taken care of properly.

Another major benefit of having us at your side for any maintenance and support even after you’re up and running is ensuring your customers can enjoy the best racing experience possible. This helps your business stay profitable without any unnecessary interruptions and traffic loss. 

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