Investing in a karting business isn’t a walk in the park, but it can (literally) be a smooth ride if done with caution. A clear plan is essential for your new karting business to be successful and stand out in the market.

Read on, to learn how to start a booming karting business without throwing your hard-earned money down the drain. Ensure that the steps you take are well-thought-out in order for them to yield the best results not just at the beginning but all the way throughout your new karting business journey.

Make sure you take into account the 5 key rules to keep your business running smoothly without any setbacks and make your customers return over and over again.

1. Pick a service that puts you first

Investing in a karting arena is not a small venture. There are many providers that would take advantage of the situation to squeeze the most out of your budget with no regard for your success, especially if you don’t have a lot of prior experience in the field. Although prior experience is welcome, it isn’t essential for you to run a blooming karting business.

Be sure to choose a karting track provider with a proven track record to ensure your business is going in the right direction. Pick one that can provide you with clear guidelines and a lot of know-how that will grant you first-hand insight into:

  • Location selection
  • Financial benchmarks
  • Demography analysis
  • Revenue projections
  • Track design
  • Track safety
  • Documentation that complies with your location
  • Implementation of additional attractions
  • Manufacturing process
  • Delivery logistics
  • Track installation
  • Final track testing
  • Maintaining the track in perfect condition

Choose a provider that will be willing to continue your professional relationship and offer suitable support long after your karting arena is up and running.


2. Make sure the track integrates well into your physical environment

Due to its monumental size, a karting arena is bound to act as the main attraction within your environment. Make sure it fits like a glove regardless of the surroundings in which you plan to build it.

Take into consideration the type of place you have at your disposal. Our karting tracks are suitable for various types of buildings and locations:

  • Family entertainment centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Amusement parks
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Recreation centres
  • Stand-along karting arenas

Each environment has different requirements due to different size limitations, indoor/outdoor venues, etc.

Take into account you have to plan an area large enough to be able to build an interesting track that’s long and creative enough, so your customers won’t grow tired of it after a few laps.

Our multi-level solution might answer both of the main concerns – track length and track uniqueness.

Take a look at the length/area size comparison of a single-level and a multi-level karting track:

We provide solutions for indoor and outdoor tracks and are the pioneers and only providers of the attractive spiral ramp that your customers will absolutely love.

In addition to making the tracks even more attractive to the consumer, you will save a lot of space without having to compromise track length. Use the extra space to fill with other side attractions to diversify your revenue streams within your own “fun zone”.

Position your karting arena as an anchor attraction and pick a provider that will be able to integrate complementary attractions and technologies to fill the space as much as possible without overcrowding.


3. Make sure your track experience design fits your story

As with any business, one of the most important researches you have to conduct is thorough research of your target audience. To really stand out in your market, you have to ensure, you’re offering a track design that fits to your park story. This way your customers will get a track experience that best suits the overall story of the park. By doing this, you’ll attract more traffic and position yourself as the go-to karting arena in your area. Otherwise, you just might be leaving a lot of money on the table, as your track design will not fit the target audience’s capabilities and driving experience needs. For example, the FUN track design is ideal for Juniors and Families, while the THRILL track design will be entertaining for young adults and corporate groups.

Once you know your customer, we will design the right type of karting track.

KIDS tracks

FUN tracks

THRILL tracks

Simple track design – no driving skills required The right mix of relaxing turns and multi-level sections A unique track system designed for racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers
Kids’ go-karts with easy steering system Provides more racing experience without being too hard for the average consumer Maximized driving experience and track complexity with a wide range of challenging turns and countless elevation changes up to 3 levels
Ideal for kids’ birthday party business model Perfect for integration with other complementary attractions Ideal for adult groups and corporate events
Perfect choice for family entertainment centres or shopping malls Elevated on-track platforms, smooth track layout Creates adrenaline rush for professional AND less-skilled racers
100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption 100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption 100 % safety ensured by our barrier system with controlled absorption

Read more about each type and contact us if you need any help choosing the best option!

If you want your karting attraction to be even greater, you can integrate all three track types to offer the best experience for racers of any experience or age. Just make sure it caters to your target demographic, as said above!

Enriched with our special elements such as the spiral ramp and 13 other multi-level experience elements, the tracks will never get boring and your valued customers will return over and over again to beat their personal bests or compete with their group of peers.

The multi-level track design has been proven to improve the customer return rate by 45% !

4. Double-check for safety to avoid accidents, bad press, or lawsuits that could hurt your business

In karting, a business where safety is always a top priority for the consumer, there’s no room for accidents.

In addition to bad karma and an overall negative situation, an accident may position you as a worse option than your competitors, which will make it harder for you to stand out and make a profitable business.

Word gets around fast and owning the arena where “accidents happen” is bad press. You might have to invest a lot more for a prompt PR handling of the incident. Furthermore, accidents and other unwanted incidents go hand in hand with lawsuits that can destroy your business and put a dent in your operational budget.

The most surefire way to prevent any unwanted occurrences is to ensure premium build quality, a reliable team behind the project, and the safest karting elements on the market.

Be sure to choose a karting track provider that puts safety first and can guarantee a reliable barrier system that ensures the highest safety standards on the market. What makes a barrier system reliably safe is premium energy transfer and absorption technology that efficiently transfers the force along the barrier to ensure the driver’s safety and minimize go-kart damage.

Make sure that the barrier system you choose prevents the most common effects happening on the track while racing, such as the bounce-back effect, submarining, and the flying-over effect.

Click here to read more about each negative effect and how to avoid it.


5. To avoid overspending, know that you can always upgrade when the need arises

First thing’s first – This doesn’t mean being a cheapskate about your investment. You need a budget that can ensure sufficient quality for you to shine and make your customers crazy about returning to your tracks.

As said in the paragraphs above, conduct thorough research to see what your customers want and offer them enough so they don’t get tired of it. Working together with 360 Karting, we’ll help you determine the perfect scope of elements and other infrastructure you need to be able to offer an unparalleled experience.

We will provide you with a fully equipped karting track, which includes all the essentials:

  • Safety barrier system (including anchoring and absorption system)
  • Multi-level track structures
  • Pit-area equipment
  • Track accessories
  • Floor coating

To avoid spending too much in a time period that’s crucial for a business to take off, know that you can always upgrade your arena. Our 360K tracks can be updated if the need arises and the track modularity solution enables a quick and smooth reposition of the barrier system, which completely changes the layout of the track.

To get an idea, see how we upgraded the Vicenza Kart Indoor’s karting track with the use of the attractive spiral ramp that can turn a single-level track into a multi-level one.

Have more questions? Let’s hop on a call and leave no stone unturned!

This article should act as a basic guideline of the most important factors you mustn’t ignore before investing in a karting business. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Communicating the requirements, wishes, or concerns regarding your own karting arena is the best way to ensure cooperation that is specifically tailored to your needs. Hand in hand, we can make sure that you’ll start a booming business that will keep attracting returning customers for years to come!

Contact us via a contact form to book an appointment as soon as possible (or at your earliest convenience)!

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