Your visitors deserve to experience something they just can’t get anywhere else

Much like a mall has 2 to 3 major department stores to pull in traffic for smaller boutiques or specialty shops, an indoor adventure park should include one or two anchor attractions to get more traffic with other complementary revenue streams such as food & beverage, arcades, etc.

Successful adventure park owners know that choosing the right anchor attraction plays a crucial role in differentiating their park. Anchor attraction ensures parks stand out in a saturated market, attract guests, and guarantee repeat visits.

„According to researches, go-karts represents one of the most common and time-tested anchor attractions in the amusement park industry.

Why add kart racing to your Indoor Adventure Park?

    1. Wow effect

Exciting shapes and massive karting track sizes attract guests and generate excitement. Installing a 360 Karting multi-level track close to other attractions and hospitality areas creates even more buzz.

    1. High barriers to entry the market

Once you are dominant in your local territory with an anchor attraction such as karting, you establish a high entry-level barrier that prevents other potential competitors from entering your territory.

    1. Huge thrill

The ultimate driving experience offers guests high entertainment value and keeps them coming back.

It has never been easier to include a karting track in an Indoor adventure park

360 Karting track represents »the wow effect« of many Indoor adventure parks worldwide. An ordinary ground floor go-kart track usually uses approx. 30.000 sq. ft. Today thanks to a new generation of multi-level structures the whole track can fit within 12.000 sq. ft., providing you with more space for other attractions, lowering your building rent cost and increase your revenue per sq. ft, and improving the on-track racing experience.

Your visitors deserve to experience something they just can’t get anywhere else.