track structures

Upgrade your existing track with
360 Karting multi-level features.

Multi-level track structures

You can create ultimate karting entartainment destination with multilevel
track structures. Create second or even third floor on a racetrack.
We guarantee adrenaline rush for your drivers

multilevel karting track
All units are dry assembled and may be repositioned or even moved to another place.
Integrated into the track surface with enhanced grip.
All structures are ISO Certified
90° spiral ramp specially designed for ultimate racing experience
Integrated with 360 Karting barrier system offering high impact absorption.


Straight trajectories with width from 5,5 m to 6 m allow go-karts to reach maximum speed and overtaking at the end on the breaking point.

Straight ramp

With straight ramp module, the drivers will smoothly elevate from ground floor to the multi-level section of the track.

Fly over

Choose this multi-level feature, and your customers will have the feeling of flying into the unknown while the track will appear dynamic and eye catchy.

Dive under

With dive under module, the drivers will smoothly elevate multi-level section to ground floor section of the track.

Fly over - Drive under

Why would you limit yourself to just fly over if you can also drive under?

Bank semi-oval

Create a unique and full of adrenaline turns with banked semi-oval structures. This element will add much fun and enhance the racing experience on your track.


The hairpin turn element will distinguish between good and excellent drivers. Rule Nr 1: Wide – Narrow – Wide.

Spiral ramp

360 Karting is the only provider of spiral ramps for go-kart tracks on the market.

Constant radius

Constant radius is a typical karting corner that has to be fit in every track layout.

Constant radius multi-level

Constant radius is a typical karting corner that has to be fit in every multi-level track layout.

Increasing radius

Knowing the proper driving line through this corner is key to reducing lap times and racing constantly.

Increasing - Decreasing radius

Knowing the proper line through this corner will maximize driver’s performance and decrease overall lap times. That is a win-win situation for you and your returning clients.

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Did you know?

Multi-level track structures improve the user return rate by 30%.


With 360K multi-level track structures know-how, Mario Kart’s virtual game becomes a reality.

“If you can imagine it, it can be built” is our motto. 360K multi-level track structures bring driving experience to a different level and drastically extend the usability of indoor karting space.

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OVER 60 karting track projects around the globe

OVER 35 km of track built

OVER 3 mio drivers per year on our tracks

OVER 16 mio of km per year driven on our tracks