Floor coatings

Improve racing grip, safety and overall racing
experience with our unique floor
coating solution.

Floor coatings

Improve safety and embellish your racing track with specially developed floor coatings
for rental karting requirements. Floor coatings are crucial for the grip, they improve the driving experience,
help keep the perfect racing line and prevent hits into the barrier system.

Track resin
Run-off zones and track islands.
Visual delimitation
White lines
Pit area and starting grid.

Track resin

Optimal solution for excellent tire wear-out and grip ratio.

Run-off zones floor coating

Floor coating with extremely enhanced grip to maximize energy absorption before impact.

Visual track delimitation

Visual help for drivers to improve the safety and experience.

Floor coating signalization

Visuals to enhance the overall racing experience.

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Did you know?

Specially developed 360K floor coating extend tire lifetime for over 30% compared to asphalt.


Floor coating application steps

360K floor coating solution should be applied following a precise procedure, depending on various atmospheric and other technical factors. For this purpose, 360K installation team will ensure continuous supervision by an expert person, including the pre-check of the surface, application method and after application test.

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