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Once these times are over, customers will be seeking new adventures. And because karting represents one of the most common and time-tested attractions in the amusement industry with yearly 75 million drivers worldwide, we are certain they will be seeking new thrills on the go-kart tracks!

Do you want to get started with the karting business or would you like to upgrade your existing track to expand the business to a higher level?
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With the 360 Karting safest barrier system, organically shaped multi-level track design and outstanding LED atmosphere, you will stand out from other attractions and maximize your profitability. 360 Karting experts will help you at every stage, from business planning to track design and engineering. And once the track is open, we guarantee you peace of mind with the 360 Karting lifetime support.


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That includes tailored track visualization integrated into the existing available area, with technical track characteristics and revenue potential estimation.

Offer is valid for the first 10 orders received before 30 June 2020.