Re-launch the attractiveness of your karting services and expand the existing business to a higher level with 360 Karting multi-level structures.

360 Karting is the market leader in multi-level track structures. We provide solutions for indoor and outdoor karting tracks and are the only provider of the spiral ramps. The many advantages of a multi-level track solution are:

• Ensure the ultimate driving experience
• Allows for a high client return rate
• Stand out from the competition
• Better usage of the area available per sqm or sq. ft
• Improves the track capacity and revenue potential
• Easily dry assembled
• Possible to relocate

Multi-level track structures improve
the customer return rate by 30%.

Wondering if a multi-level module can be fitter in your existing track layout?

360K has developed various modules that can be combined in countless ways. The only requirement for safety reasons is the minimum clear height of 4,5m (15 ft) although some features allow for a lower clear height. 360K will evaluate the possibility to include a multi-level structure to your track based on your current layout (pdf or dwg file).

See the case study of Markt Zeuln Arena, Germany, where 360 Karting has upgraded the existing track with overpass modules. The upgrade from October 2018 results in improved customer return rate by 33,5% in the first two quarters.

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