Time lapse from empty space to 360 Karting track

Written by Mateja Bečela

Successful karting business should be approach as multiple stage project. Each of these stages will bring you a step closer to long-term success in karting business.

During the communication phase 360K will check the availability of the Project Execution Slot (project lead time) according to your planned track opening. After the slot reservation with the partial down payment, 360K guarantees the agreed project timeline.

Depending on the scale, complexity, and distance between client and production plant the project time may vary from 2 to 4 months. For very large and complex projects the lead time is estimated upon the Concept Design completion.

After the clarified track design layout comes engineering stage, which focuses on technical and execution aspects, considering specifics and circumstances of every single project.

Once you are on track with us, we will arrange the entire logistics process for you and provide you with all the track installation support (non-track related operations such as construction work, electricity, fire safety, wi-fi etc. are not included in the 360K scope of work and must be considered by the client).

Get on Track with Us and check our time-lapse from empty space to Nr 1 multi-level karting track on the market.